Got No Choice Except Winning Hatta.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Seek to Add More Teeth to the Team’s Lineup and Waiting Impatiently for the Good News of Transfer Market Winter Window


Al Ain’s head coach, Pedro Emmanuel, opened his team’s pre-match press conference against Hatta by highlighting how important for his team to win the next and last match in the first round of the league against Hatta.

He stated that the most critical issue is to redouble the efforts and focus on boosting the players’ physical fitness to be in form for all the coming matches.

He added: “We faced many challenges including missing certain key players for joining the UAE National Team. We know it is a critical phase, and the team needs to train under the command of a new head coach; it understandable. However, the three international players have just rejoined the team today, and as of today, we will prepare for Hatta’s match.”

Responding to a question on how he feels about receiving back several players to the team, including Mohannad El Enezi and Mohammed Fayez, he said: “Indeed, that was a surprise for me in the past season when I joined the team in January 2019. At that time, we missed some players.”

He expressed that he wants all the players to be available with the team, but he certainly shows high respect for the UAE Armed Forces’ regulations. “We will also miss Rayan Yaslam in principle, who will join the national service soon. Indeed, we are in deep need of all these professional players.”

He commented on the injured players: “As you know, players are often suffering from minor injuries. However, it is not the injuries that worry me, but the recovery time, physical conditions, and performance require hard work. We seek to improve the physical fitness and tactical aspects to arrive at a satisfactory level and be able to help the team and improve their performance, which is the most important issue for us at the moment.”

He went on to say that everybody knows that the team has only one option in the coming match against Hatta, that is, to win. “We need to boost our balance and add more points. Our last match against Al Jazira was a tough one, and we played more than once with one man down, which complicated the team’s situation. But, the team showed their genuine character and fought to win until the last minute.”

“We all know that we need to win the home team and snatch the three points. To do so, we have to be fully concentrating and show respect to the home team. They are placed in the last spot of the standing table, and they need the match’s points. The players are well aware that these points are crucial to improve our position at the standing table. Indeed, this is our main goal at present,” Pedro stated.

Commenting on the fan’s high expectations and waiting impassionedly for the good news as a result of associating individual star players signing for the Al Ain Club during the current winter transfer market window, he said: “Yes, everybody is waiting for the good news. As you know, we need to enhance the team’s lineup in certain positions. I do trust the board of directors to provide the team with more solutions. This is why I believe Al Ain Team will be stronger. We are a good team, and we need to improve the team’s performance, and we all know how important to bring two to three new players to fill certain key positions. I am fully confident that the board of directors will make the right decision because I know what I need, and the board knows my needs.”

Pedro also highlighted how difficult it would be to find the right players during the winter transfer market. He also pointed out that he has done his work and waiting for the final decision.

He concluded by addressing a message to the fans, saying that “we need to be a good team and we need certain players to arrive at such a stage as this is our job and we want to serve the best interests of the club.”