Ismael Ahmed: The Considerable Sense of Responsibility is the most Powerful Weapon of The Boss in the Asian championship


The “international player” Ismael Ahmed, the defender of Al Ain FC and UAE national football team, expressed his happiness for the positive result attained by Al Ain FC outside their ground against their host Bunyodkor of Uzbekistan, saying: “We have been able to get back with the three points and make up for the two points we lost in the first round on our ground as a result of a draw result against Zob Ahan Esfahan of Iran. Praise be to God who granted us success in achieving the goal for which we went to Tashkent.” He continued, “We were able to have control over the match during the two halves in spite of some mistakes in the first half, but our first and foremost concern was to win the match and present an honorable image of the UAE football in the Asian Championship.”

Answering a question about the reason behind the team’s win outside its ground, he said: “We are required to win in all our games, both home and away, motivated by our high sense of responsibility to represent the State honorably and defend the logo of the best Asian football club. This is why you will have players with considerable motives and high desire to return with a great result, hoping that the coming will be better. We are fully aware that our task in each phase would be more difficult than the preceding one.”