Omar Abdel Rahman: The “Boss” Response to Esteghlal F.C. will be on the Game


The leader of Al Ain FC, the “international player” Omar Abdulrahman, said “We came to Tehran in order to beat Esteghlal F.C. and return homeland with the three points of the game, so as to enhance our chances of winning one of the qualifying cards to post-group stage” .

He added: “We are well aware that our mission will not be easy against the Iranian team on its stadium and amidst its fans. However, Al Ain FC is a great team and has the ability, experience and required capabilities to meet all the challenges under any circumstances.

Commenting on the tone of challenge, which headlined the Iranian newspapers and the fans of Tehran’s Esteghlal FC, he said: “Al Ain FC players are accustomed to dealing with these situations, and they have the strong will, the fighting spirit and great experience to overcome all potential circumstances, and our response to them will be on the game.”

“The true pleasure of football is embodied by the massive audience attendance, and the atmosphere in the team’s camp motivates optimism and confidence, while the strong will of all players to earn a positive result and our trust in Almighty God is unlimited. Also, we, the players, have a firm belief in our ability to achieve the desired aspirations.

Commenting on a question about the tense atmosphere that preceded the game, he said: “I think that the positive aspects of this atmosphere are in our favor and the negative ones reflect on the opposing team and things will proceed forward well if we control the game. I also believe that coach Zoran Mamic is capable of provide optimal technical management of the game and Ideal employment for his team in a way which leads it to get the best result in Iran’s Tehran. “