Praising High Excellence Indicators of Al Ain Club.. Dato Winsor: Group C is Strong, and Matches will be Exhilarating


The AFC Secretary-General Dato Windsor John hailed Al Ain Club’s ground-breaking initiatives and the club’s keenness to deliver seamless presentations that are consistent with the visions of the club and the AFC while highlighting the club’s interest to be well-prepared for the AFC Champions League every season. “Al Ain is a great team, and we are very happy that they qualify for the AFC Champions League each year as one of the champions of the Asian continent. The team enjoys a splendid history and a strong record of achievements. It also has the potential and the strong personality that qualify them to be one of the great competitors in this coming version of the league. We are used to seeing such a great team in the final stages of the strongest and most thrilling Asian competition.”

He added: “Definitely, all the participating teams in the AFC Champions League 2019 will do their best and strongly compete to reserve their seat in the advanced stages of the league. I do wish all of them the best of luck and success. I have no doubt they will push themselves to the limit to realise their ambitions to clinch the title. It is all indeed about the draw that will draw the track of each team in this competition.”

Commenting on the nature of competition among the teams of Group C, he said: “I believe that it is a strong group given the strong and big teams it has. I also believe that this group will receive great attention and follow-up from all football fans in and out the Asian continent.”