Rebrov Receives Rodolfo Arruabarrena During the Boss Training Session


Al Ain Club Welcomes the Head Coach of UAE National Team and His Assistants

Arruabarrena: We Work Together to Boost the League Level Physically and Technically

So Keen to Follow-up All Players and Players in Form Will Join the International List of Names

Abdullah Ali, Supervisor of the Al Ain First Football Team, welcomed the Argentine, Rodolfo Arruabarrena, head coach of UAE National Football Team, and his assistants, on the sidelines of the latter’s visit to Al Ain Club.

The guest’s visit itinerary included a holding meeting with the Ukrainian, Sergey Rebrov, head coach of Al Ain Team, and following-up part of the evening training session that took place today at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium. By the end of his visit, Abdullah Ali, presented the Argentine coach the Club’s shield, in the presence of the Team Manager Ahmed Al Shamesi.

Regarding the purpose of the visit, Rodolfo Arruabarrena said, “Through our visits to the clubs, we look forward to enhancing communication and exchanging information on players’ readiness by activating the mutual reporting system between the UAEFA and the clubs. He pointed out that the coaching assistants of the national team are committed to preparing reports on international players’ performance for each club separately. These reports are to be submitted to the clubs after by the end of each period, which is in the interest of the club and the national team as well.”

He added: “The period of the players’ presence with their clubs is longer than theirs with the national team. Indeed, the Club’s coach deals with the “international” player on a continuous basis, while the player joins the national team for a short period not exceeding ten days.”

“Sometimes, we may find different visions between coaches about certain players. It is a fact that the Club’s coach is more aware of the player’s conditions than the coach of the national team, but the goal remains one and we need to strengthen the league’s power physically and technically,” he said.

Arruabarrena pointed out that it all requires the concerted efforts of all members of the system, the support of the fans and that players should be much more professional.

He signed off by saying: “I am so keen to follow all the players and there are no places in the squad reserved for certain names. We simply need strong competition between all “internationals” and non-“internationals”. It is only players who are in form will join the “international” list of names.”