Put an Accent of the Importance on the Clash Match Against Al Dhafra.. Rebrov to the Fans of the “Boss”: “Al Ain Players Are in Dire Need of Support, Enthusiasm, and Encouragement”


Our Goal now is to Win the League Title, and without the Fans, we will Miss 90% of our Chances in the Competition

We Must Continue to Work as One Team that is Composed of Players, Admin and Coaching teams, and Fans

The Ukrainian head coach of the Al Ain Team, Sergey Rebrov, commenced the pre-match press conference dedicated to matchweek 22 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Dhafra by saying: “On behalf of all members of the first football team, I would like to congratulate the fans on the victory which is important for both the fans and the city. I believe the players did their best to put a smile on the faces of all fans.”

He also said: “All of us, fans and players, woke up this morning thinking about the next target for the team. We all celebrated the first achievement of this season last night with different emotions.”

Commenting on the match against Al Dhafra scheduled to be held on Saturday 7th May 2022 at Al Dhafra Club Stadium, he said: “As for regards to the next match, I wonder why we are going to play a match two days after a difficult and emotional match of the Cup final. Anyway, I am sure it is the right time for the team that fans to come and support the players.”

He added: “The team players need more emotions and motivation. I do not doubt that if we have a goal now, which is to win the league title, we must work hand in hand and prove that we are a big team in all the upcoming matches, not only in the team’s confrontations with Al Wahda and Al Jazira. So it’s important to support the players!”

Rebrov addressed an important message to fans: “If you are behind the team in the next match, the players will have the motivation. Because this match is no less important than any other match with Al Jazira, for example, and it may be more important.”

He went on to say: “For me, the Al Dhafra match means the players’ recovery and back to their level, besides other significant things that help the players in their match against Al Dhafra. It is no secret that all league matches are difficult, and the next game is crucial in our journey to winning the league title.

Commenting on a question about his team’s confrontation with middle teams of the standing table that do not compete for the title or might relegate will make his mission easy, he said: “I have no comment! I have already explained to the players that they should focus on their conditions and not feel any pressure. I also stated that they should play seriously against any opponent and care for themselves. I am sure we are strong now, but if we show the opposite on the field, that will be our problem, not the opponents.

He pointed out that they look at the match scheduled to be held the day after tomorrow as such an important match. “We have to think about our affairs, perform well and have the necessary enthusiasm and morale. As I have always pointed out, this match, like any other match against Al Wahda or Al Jazira, represents three important points for the team.”

Rebrov pointed out: “I have made it clear before, the important thing for me is the enthusiasm. The players have drained a lot of emotions and enthusiasm in the previous match, and they need more support this morning. I am asking the fans to be in the stadium and support them. The players have to play for the fans, not the empty stands. Indeed, I hope the fans understand this and come to support the team.”

He stated: “Again, the presence of the fans in the next match is important. Everyone celebrated winning our first title yesterday, but you have to think about the next goal when you wake up the following day. The most important goal now is to win the league title, and without the presence of the fans, I can say that 70%, 80%, or even 90%, it is impossible to win the league.

He signed off by saying: “We have to work together and be in the stands behind the team even if we have to drive two or three hours. It is the fans’ match.”