Stressed that Draw Result is Fair.. Kirki: Zoran is not a High-Strung Coach but One Who Interacts with his Team’s Performance with All his Senses


Croatia’s Damier Karzner, Assistant Head Coach of Al Ain First Football Team, who attended the post-match press conference as per the AFC’s regulations instead of Zoran Mamic as the latter was sent off the coach zone by a decision made by the match referee, confirmed that the result of his team’s match against Al Hilal in their first match of the stage group of ACL 2018 is fair.

“As expected, the confrontation was tough as both teams were fighting in this first match for them in this group,” added he. He also pointed out: “If we compared the two teams’ performance during the two halves, it was clear that Al Ain was so close to take the lead in the first half through two straight attacks against Al Hilal’s net. In the second half, things changed and Al Hilal was about to score in our net. This is why I am telling you that the result was fair.”

“I will tell you a secret about Zoran’s charisma,” he started his statement in response to a question on Zoran’s high temper while he was in the coach zone that ended by the referee sending him off the zone. He stated: “He was not nervous at all, but he interacts with all his team’s matches in all his senses. He lives even the smallest details, and indeed this is how he deals with all confrontations.”

On excluding Omar Abdul Rahman from Al Ain’s starting lineup, he said: “Zoran had already mentioned in the pre-match press conference that “Amoory” is the top star of Asia and his absence affects any team because he is one of the most important players.” He further confirmed: “The Head Coach decided to give him more time for his safety as he did not arrive at the required level of physical fitness and the team’s schedule is so tight and we are fighting at different fronts this season, including ACL 2018, Arabian Gulf League and President’s Cup.” He went on to say: “He joined a preparation program and will be ready for the coming matches.”