The Boss Unveils the first new bilingual MDP version and Khaled Issa is the Cover Star.. El Shahat Talks about his first historic international match with Egypt’s National Team


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Al Ain Club has unveiled the headlines and content of “Al Ain Vs Al Dhafra Match Day Program” on its official website and various social media platforms. The new bilingual MDP is the first version to be published in this season and Khaled Issa has been selected to be the cover star.

The content of the MDP includes a technical analysis of the coming condonation. It includes also interviews with the former legends and stars of the two teams and their expectations of the match result. In the special corner of “Legends Majlis”, Feisal Ali, who scored Al Ain’s first goal in Al Dhafra net in the history of the two teams matches, talked about his great memories with the Boss and expected that Al Ain will win the guests but their mission will not be that easy.

The MDP also shed the light on Al Ain Football Academy and its recent remarkable achievements. Articles tackled the details of crowning Al Ain U-15 Team player, Issa Khalfan, with the Top Scorer Award 2017-2018 and an interview with Al Ain U-13 player, Ali Al Ghaithi. In a press statement, Sultan Rashid, Board Member and Sports Director, stressed there is a need to reconsider the kickoff timings of the junior league matches. Other sections are dedicated for statements made by the Croatian head coach, Zoran Mamic, and iconic stars of the first team including Ismael Ahmad, Marcus Berg and Hussein El Shahat.

In an exclusive interview, Hussein El Shahat talked about his first historic and official participation with Egypt’s national team saying that: “I am so pleased for winning that historic match by 6-0 as it was my first match with the Egypt’s national team. Certainly, that match inspires me to perform well and show my genuine fighting spirit while defending the logo of the Boss. Also, this will be a great credit for me to keep my name in the lists of Egypt’s national team incessantly.”

On Al Ain’s match against Al Dhafra, he said: “Surely, this match will not be easy. However, we do know what we are meant to do from the first until the last minute to achieve the best positive result and compete from earlier stages to defend and win the title of the league.”
He added: “I would like to stress that there is a close relationship between the players and our loyal Ainawi fans because Al Ain Club is a real representation of the concept of one sport family. Such a relationship boosts our desire to win all matches and make our fans happy.” he signed off: “I hope they will be available in the standings to support their team today.”