We Achieved an Important Victory Over Fujairah.. Pedro Emmanuel: We Must Keep Going with Robust Performance in the Upcoming Matches


“Our victory tonight over Al Fujairah by 3-1 is so important,” Pedro Emmanuel opened the post-match press conference of matchweek 17 between Al Ain and Fujairah.

He added: “We stressed that we have to continue winning opponents before this match. We dominated the match in the first half with and without the ball. In return, we did not play well in certain moments of the match, especially in the last meters, but we scored our first goal.”

“In the second half, we were sure that Fujairah would change their style of playing and play relatively open. When we scored our second goal, the players suffered from fatigue due to the efforts they exerted in our recent match against Al Sharjah, mainly in the last 15 minutes. This is why we made certain substitutions to give fresh blood to the team and boost performance,” he said.

He pointed out that he was not happy with the goal his team conceded, and “Fujairah had two critical chances to score, yet we have to maintain the same level and be committed to the plan to achieve the desired objectives in all our upcoming matches.”