Will Check the Players’ Availability and Who is Ready to Join the Team’s Lineup After Tomorrow’s Training Session.. Pedro: We Must Play Strongly to Win Al Sharjah and Back Home with Three Points in Hands


“This Saturday, our match will be against Al Sharjah placed in the first spot of the standing table. We have to show our quality and play with high concentration,” Pedro Emmanuel, head coach of the Al Ain Team, stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 16 of AGL.

He added: “We are well aware that the most important issue to focus on is that we conceded four goals in the recent match. It is so important to perform well, especially when we play without a ball. Indeed, it is such important to pay attention to this aspect.”

Pedro pointed out that Al Sharjah has a strong front line with fast and strong players who enjoy excellent individual skills, but “we will control them and limit their movement spaces.”

He stated that his team got perfect chances to score goals in the last match, but they were not invested in the right manner. He stressed that his team is determined to create opportunities to score as Al Ain has strong and skillful strikers, and they will, for sure, score goals.

Pedro emphasized: “It is all about the small details that create the difference in such big matches. Exactly like the recent match where we were about to score early, but Laba wasted it. Then we conceded the first goal in the 8th minute of the match from the penalty point. I do believe that such small details are important.”

He said that the team would do their best to make such small details in the team’s favor and put a smile on everybody’s faces, especially in these difficult moments that the team experiences, which everyone knows about them. He promised that the team would do their best in the upcoming match to snatch the match’s three points.

In response to a question on the absent players next match, he said: “When I speak about absences, it seems I am seeking excuses. However, I have to be fair and say that we have several absences in a manner that never happened before. Since September, the team’s lineup never plays together, which is not good for the Club, team, and even for me. It is not an excuse but a reality we experience and if the whole squad is available, we will be a stronger team, and performance will be better. Anyway, we will wait until tomorrow and see who is ready and make the team stronger and more competitive.”

Pedro stressed that the team would fight to win all the remaining matches though the team failed to do so in the last game.

He signed off by saying that his team will do whatever it takes to win the home team and achieve the goals set for his team.