Medical Reports Confirm Abbas Suffers from Cruciate Ligament Injury.. Abdullah Ali: The Boss Has a Crystal-Clear Approach, and all Our Matches Are Critical and Indispensable


Rebrov Granted the Squad a 24-Hour Break Ahead of Matchweek 22 of the League

The League Has Not Yet Been Ended, and We Expect a Substantial Presence of Ainawi Nation in Our Clash Match Against Al Jazira

We Thank the Players for Their Seriousness and Commitment to the Team Program During the Eid Days

Abdullah Ali, Supervisor of Al Ain First Football Team, confirmed that the medical and MRI reports received this morning showed that the “international” player Mohammad Abbas is suffering from a cruciate ligament.

He stated that Abbas is scheduled to undergo surgery shortly while wishing him a speedy recovery and a solid return to go on with his career alongside his teammates in defending the Club’s crest in various home and away competitions of the next season.

In response to a question on the team’s performance yesterday against Al Dhafra, he said: “First of all, I would like to congratulate the players, the head coach, the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, and Ainawi loyal fans for the three points after a difficult, tough match. Indeed, we are in a crucial season stage, and the points are always the most important thing in any match we play.”

“We are well aware that the team did not perform well yesterday due to certain grounds that had a great negative impact on the players, including the great efforts exerted by the squad within a very short and tight schedule. This requires us to deal with our coming matches with a high concentration level as if they are a cup final. Therefore, we should put this in place as our next clash match against Al Jazira,” he said.

Commenting on a question about Al Ain Team is on its way to snatching the ADNOC Pro League title after increasing the gap with the nearest archrivals by 10 points, he stated: “The league competitions have not yet ended, and the team’s strategy since the kick-off of the season has been clear and will not change. It is impossible to compete to win the title based on the other opponents’ results.”

He went on to say that he finds himself obliged to extend his sincere thanks to all the players and the coaching teams who adhere to this approach for dealing with each match separately and collecting the three points regardless of the results of the competing teams.

“Therefore, I assure you that Al Ain Club is committed to its approach and only focusing on winning the guests and snatching the coming match’s points. Matchweek 22 is crucial for the team.”

Abdullah Ali hailed the role played by the Club’s management and loyal fans by saying: “I hope we succeed in achieving our pre-set goals, considering that the team enjoys great support from the Club’s senior management and remarkable attention from the football company’s board of directors chaired by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki. Not to forget, of course, the genuine and continuous support of the loyal fans who make the difference against any opponent.”

In response to a question on the team’s preparations for the Al Jazira match, he said: “After the closed home camp, that lasted for six days at the end of the blessed month of Ramadan, until yesterday, the head coach granted the team’s players a 24-hour break as an Eid holiday.”

He pointed out that the squad will resume preparations for the coming confrontation against Al Jazira tomorrow evening at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium. The coaching team will hold first a technical and analytical meeting to tackle all the details related to the team’s performance against Al Dhafra, and then work to correct the mistakes committed in the recent match against Al Dhafra.”