Expressed His Pleasure with the Fans’ Interaction and Commitment to Support the Boss Squad.. Sergiy Rebrov: We Must Fight and Concentrate in the Next Game and Do Not Think About Opponents’ Results


We Got Four Chances to Win the League Title, and the Last Step Is Always Difficult

“So pleased with the fans’ interaction and being behind the team all the time,” Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match press conference of matchweek 23 of the ADNOC Pro League against Al Jazira.

The Ukrainian head coach of the Al Ain Team pointed out that the presence of the loyal fans in all home and away matches motivate the players stressing that “it does not matter whether they are ten, fifty or one hundred fans, players do well for them.”

He added: “I really feel happy when I see that fans drive for two hours or more just to cheer up the squad layers, exactly like what happened in our recent match against A Dhafra as winning that match put the team on the verge of winning the league title.”

As for the team’s preparations for the coming match scheduled to be held at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium on Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 08:45 pm, he said: “As I stated before, preparations are pre-planned, and we are experiencing a tough stage. We planned to snatch its three points in the last match, and we did it. Once again, after three days, we have another clash match, and we are focusing on recovery, and we set up a training program for the players who did not play before.”

Rebrov indicated that everyone knows well that winning the next match means winning the league title, and “this requires the players to play seriously and ensure winning the opponent, given that we are playing at home and among our fans.”

Commenting on the importance of the next match, described as the last step to win the title, he said: “The last step in the journey to snatch the title is always considered the most difficult one. I am well aware of that, and I will explain to the players today that we have to focus on the team’s affairs and not wait for miracles to happen or wait for the opponent to make mistakes. We must complete what we have done throughout this season and focus on performing well and being serious in the match. Yes, we have four chances left to finish the season, but we have to focus on finishing the season in the next game and making the most of it.”

On the expected absentees, along with Muhammad Abbas, he said: “We will see today and assess the level of players’ readiness, but I am sure that even if there are players with minor injuries, they are all ready and have the desire to participate in the next match. We will choose the best and most prepared players.”

He signed off by wishing Mohammed Abbas a speedy recovery due to his recent injury, which he considered strange.