Active Participation of Al Ain Club in the Awareness Seminar on the Risky Consequences of Energy Drinks

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As part of its endeavors to promote a healthy lifestyle, Al Ain Club participated in the scientific seminar organized by the Community Nutrition Department at Tawam Hospital under the theme of “Risky Consequences of Energy Drinks and Laudable Intervention”.

The seminar was held on Thursday 17th October 2019 at Al Khabaisi Hall No. 1 at Tawam Hospital in Al Ain City.

Several players of the Al Ain First Football Team were keen to attend, including Mohannad Salem Al Enezi, Omar Yassin, and Idris Mazouani, accompanied by Sultan Rashid, Team Supervisor. Al Ain Football School staff participated actively on top Khalfan Al Shamsi, Supervisor of the Football Sector and Branches, Abdullah Khoury, Al Ain Football School Administrative Officer, along with a number of coaches of the junior teams at Al Ain Football School, as well as the staff of the Fans Affairs Office who distributed in-kind gifts and brochures of the Club, Ainawi loyalty card and the Club’s official store.

Khalfan Al Shamsi delivered a presentation as part of the seminar agenda that attracted the attention of the participants who hailed the valuable information on the role of the Club in raising awareness on the risks of energy drinks.

Al Shamesi started his presentation by extending his sincerest appreciation for the Community Nutrition Department at Tawam Hospital. He greeted the well-known nutrition and media professional Ms. Nada Zuhair for the sincere efforts she has been exerting in the field of nutrition awareness and healthy food.

“We would like to thanks her for her dedicated and remarkable efforts and cooperation with the Al Ain academy and school sectors in particular,” Al Shamesi said.

Al Shamsi stated” “As part of our social responsibility, Al Ain Club is always committed to well establish the concept of integration among all sectors of the society. We work hard to bring up a well aware generation in the first place and then prepare them to be professional players as of their early years. We do our best to make them aware of the negative impacts of off-beam conduct by promoting the spirit of cooperation between the Club, family, and school and activating the principle of team spirit.”

“Through communicating with parents and teachers, we always strive to provide the most important information about the development of the player’s performance index and the need to work together to motivate our children to adopt constructive habits,” he pointed out.

“We always encourage the players to pay attention to their academic study and to participate in events and activities and to practice hobbies in their leisure. We try our best to keep them away from harmful habits,” he added.

He pointed out: “Al Ain Club management is also committed to adopting to deliver awareness lectures covering a range of topics channeled to the players’ development and keep them away from various risks. Lectures also include stimulating the players to practice useful habits and beware of harmful practices in and out of the Club.” He also stressed that the Club aims to transfer the ideas to their homes and their surrounding community, including their families, friends, neighbors, and classmates.

Al Shamsi emphasized that Al Ain Football School conducts monthly medical tests at the school clinic for all the young players to ensure that they are physically fit. “Once we realize unusual positive or negative symptoms that might be attributed to energy drinks, especially during matches that are not in line with his performance during training sessions, the medical staff try their best to reveal the reasons behind such awkward situation.”

“Any medication that is prescribed to any player must be approved by the club doctor who is available 24/7 and ready to receive any inquiry from any player in the club,” he said.

Al Shamesi indicated that the Club does not only communicate with the player, but the staff also contact the parents and teachers to raise their awareness of the potential risks of using harmful substances. “We even communicate with the grocery of the Club and inform those who are in charge that selling any energy or soft drinks and even fired potato chips are prohibited for their harmful effects. We also identified for them that they are held accountable in case of noncompliance, considering they contain prohibited substances.”

He concluded his presentation by saying: “Al Ain Club is committed to providing the players with healthy meals and non-harmful drinks throughout their stay in the club, which is recommended by the nutritionist in direct coordination with the club doctor and physical fitness coach.”