Ahmad Al Shamesi: Al Ain’s Standing Towards Referees’ Performance is Crystal-Clear


Al Ain First Football Team Manager, Ahmad Al Shamesi, pointed out that the clash match against Al Sharjah is of great importance.

He further explained: “Al Ain must snatch the match’s three points and keep going in winning matches with all due respect to the opponent. As you know, such tough matches require flawless physical, mental and tactical preparations. I do not doubt that the Al Ain squad is all set for this future mission.”

Commenting on a question about whether he has specific concerns regarding referees’ mistakes that harmed the team’s results during the last two rounds, he said: “We believe that mistakes happen in football matches, but it is still unacceptable considering we are using the VAR technology. We hope that no mistakes happen in the upcoming match.”

Al Shamesi went on to say that Al Ain Football Club filed an official memorandum in which they expressed their objection against all mistakes that took place in the first and second rounds against Shabab Al Ahli Dubai and Khorfakkan, respectively.

“Al Ain is always supporting the referees and never been against them. However, if mistakes continue to happen, the Club has a firm standing and would not spare any effort to defend its rights.”

Al Shamesi also said that the referee’s mistakes in the team’s match against Khorfakkan were not influential, although the referee denied Al Ain a goal. On the other hand, the team’s result was severely impacted, and we lost two points as a result. That mistake had a direct impact on the match’s result.