Al Ain Faces Al Khaleej in a Friendly Match on Tuesday.. Al Sahbani: The “Boss” Goal is to Compete for Winning all Titles


In a press statement to Al Ain official website, Matar Obeid Al Daheri “Al Sahbani”, Al Ain First Football Team Manager, said: “The “Boss” is scheduled to play a friendly match at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday 29th August at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium against Al Khaleej FC. The match will be held in line with the preparatory programs adopted by the Croatian Head Coach Zoran Mamic for the coming season with the aim to assess the readiness of players returning from injury as well as the non-international players.

With regard to the team’s preparations for the next official match against Hatta in the Arabian Gulf Cup, he said: “It is the fate of big clubs to always face exceptional challenges which is to compete for all titles and this matches the club’s goals, the potential of the team’s stars and the aspirations of its fans. So, Al Ain FC with due high respect to all our competitors’ ambitions will compete at all levels, and we are well aware that the task will not be easy and requires great concentration and double efforts. Indeed, we wish success from Allah Almighty.”

“The goal of Al Ain is always to win regardless of the opponent’s name or position on the standing table in all competitions, even if these matches are friendly ones,” added he. Al Sahbani concluded by saying, “Our next match against Hatta is an important challenge for non-international players, especially that the management, the head coach and the fans are waiting impatiently for the team’s strong performance. Add to that those who are waiting for the players who were promoted to the first team to excel as stars. Therefore, this competition is specifically an important challenge for them and is a good opportunity to determine the readiness of players returning from injury as I told you.”