Al Ain Fans Boost Up the Team’s Strength Against All Competitors.. Rebrov: We Are Armed with Seriousness, Focus, and Fighting Spirit to Win Al Wasl and Grab hold of the Three Points


Al Ain Squad is Better Offensively, and We Are Resolving the Defensive Issues

“We aim to win the next match as the case with all matches we played. Unfortunately, we lost two important points last match, but as I stated in several press statements that all teams lose points in this league,” Ukraine’s Sergiy Rebrov stated in the pre-match media conference dedicated to matchweek 12 of ADNOC Pro League against Al Wasl.

The boss squad’s head coach accented the importance of not keeping an eye on the standing table and the team’s spot. He stated that what is more important is to focus on each match separately.

“Our next match is Al Wasl, and regardless of the competitor’s position on the standing table, we must prepare well and seriously. All the players should focus on the coming match and that we are playing at home. This motivates us to spare no effort to win the match and snatch its three pints,” he said.

As for the defensive issues that the team faces, he commented: “Yes, I stated in the previous media conference that we are facing certain challenges in the defensive system. If we compare the goals expected to be scored in our match against Bani Yas, we will find they are more than four critical chances. Indeed, it is more chances than our match against Al Wahda.”

He confirmed that the actual issue that the team faces lies in the lack of fulfilling the defensive roles. He said the team scored two goals in the Bani Yas match, but we conceded the same.

Rebrov compared the past and current seasons, saying that the team was better in the past season. He said that his team scored 26 goals and received 14.

“We are the best team in the league in total goals scored, but we are in the middle regarding the goals conceded. This is the actual problem we are facing. This is why we must focus and work hard and focus on the team’s defensive system,” Sergiy said.

He went on to say: “Again, we created many chances in the recent match, but we failed to turn them into goals. We are preparing for the coming match by being serious, and we have many issues to handle and improve and pay more attention to.”

He commented on the players who might not play the next match: “Certain players suffer from injuries, and we focus on their recovery as such a tight and busy schedule makes it difficult for all teams and not only Al Ain.”

He pointed out that the coaching team will assess the players’ readiness and select players in form to start the match and who enjoy impressive fighting spirit to fight for the team.

Sergiy Rebrov addressed a message to the fans saying that Al Ain fans know well the importance of being together and that it was unfortunate to fail to win the last match’s three points. However, he stressed that this is the time that the players and fans should be together.

He concluded his statement: “I ask them to come and support the players who feel upset, not less than the fans because of the recent match’s result. We should support and motivate the players to perform well. I am sure they will be there, and their presence in the stands will definitely help the players, and together we will the next match.”