Al Ain Players Undergo the Weekly Coronavirus Screening Test.. Maitha Al Shamesi: Regular Medical and PCR Tests are Mandatory


The Boss Stars are Professional and Fully Adhere to the Precautionary Measures

The Experience of Female Staff in Serving the Club is Inspiring and Al Ain Citizens are loyal to the Boss by Nature

Following the end of the first week of the pre-season training camp, Al Ain FC players, coaching teams, administrative and medical staff were subject to COVID-19 PCR and medical tests on Sunday 19th July 2020.

Ms. Maitha Al Shamesi, the Rapporteur of the Medical Committee, pointed out that Al Ain Club is fully committed with the medical protocol that includes a package of specific precautionary measures.

She stressed: “We are working in the spirit of one team with sights set to achieve one goal. The club management and the medical committee always stress the principle of “Everyone is Responsible,” and we are all required to protect ourselves, our mates, families, and the whole community.”

“Today, all the team members were subject to the weekly COVID-19 PCR test. There will be an additional test before each match, including friendly matches,” she added.

Ms. Maitha took the opportunity to commend all the players, coaching teams, administrative staff, and all employees for their understanding, professionalism, and keenness to abide by all the precautionary measures.

In response to a question on the participation and experience of the female staff of Al Ain Club in the field of football, she said: “For sure it is an inspirational experience given that the mechanism governing the work here has a crystal-clear vision, incredible organization and is featured by topnotch professionalism.”

The Rapporteur of the Medical Committee commented that it is not a secret to say that she is so proud to be a member of the medical committee of one of the biggest clubs in Asia. She put an accent on the fact that “whoever has the chance to have a job in Al Ain Club, regardless if they are females or males, understands that they belong to a leading sports organization. A club that enjoys high qualities of professionalism, world-class capabilities, and operates its business per sharp vision based on solid foundations and successful strategic plans.”

Ms. Maitha signed off by stressing: “We, Al Ain City citizens, are loyal to Al Ain Club by nature and willing to spare no effort to serve our dearest club. Indeed, it is not a mere sports club, but it is a lofty entity and one of the prominent landmarks of the City of Gardens.”