Al Ain Renews Contracts of Four Players Until 2024


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Falah Waleed: It is a Great Honor to Wear Al Ain Badge
Bu Senda: Proud to Renew My Loyalty to Al Ain
Salem Abdullah: The Big Ream Boosts Everybody’s Responsibility

Al Ain Club has officially announced the renewal of four young players selected to play in the first football team until 2024 based on the technical committee reports and the approval of the newly-arrived head coach, Croatia’s Ivan Leko. The young players are: Mohammed Saeed Bu Senda (GK), Mohsen Abdullah, Falah Waleed and Salem Abdullah.

The players expressed their deep proud and pleasure for renewing their contracts and loyalty to Al Ain FC to stay for more years with their team and first home. They all emphasized that the head coach’s trust in their skills will be their motive to do more and meet everybody’s expectations and be up to the responsibilities that Al Ain FC management wants them to fulfill in this coming new season.

On this occasion, Mohsen Abdullah stated that belonging to Al Ain is completely different. “Here you feel you are part of a big club and lofty sport entity where you can feel the genuine spirit of the one family. I cannot describe how happy I am! I can assure you that my aspirations will never soar below the skies and I will do my best to meet the expectations of the coaching team, the management and the loyal fans.”

Falah Walid underlined that his experience he had last season when he was honored to be selected to play in the squad of the first team gave him the chance to gain a new added value experience with the best team in Asia. “I experienced a great season and realized why competitors always describe Al Ain as a big team. While all were talking about the team ending his past season with no single title, they ended as runners up of the champs of the FIFA Club World Cup- UAE 2018 to achieve the best position ever at the local and gulf levels. Personally, I do realize what I am meant to do and promise you all to double my efforts and do my best to defend the Boss badge.”

The goalkeeper, Mohammed Bu Senda, expressed his pleasure and honor on the occasion of renewing his contract for additional five seasons to stay in his home den where he started his career in the junior teams up to the stage he joined the national teams. He stressed: “Al Ain gave me everything and I know I owe a lot to the club. I would like to avail this opportunity to thank those who supported me and still do during the past and current time, particularly the international goalkeeper Khaled Eisa who I learned a lot from him.”

The young defender, Salem Abdullah, stated that it is his long-life dream as well as his teammates who accompanied him while playing for the junior teams. “We all were dreaming to reach this day when we are selected to play for the first team. However, it is completely different to play for the first team as your responsibilities are bigger and you have to further improve your level and skills to be able to meet the expectations of the coaching team and loyal fans and perform well and honorably to fulfill the aspirations of the Boss’ fans.”