Wearing Jersey No. 4.. Mohammed Shakir Signs to Al Ain Until 2024


Big Aspirations Cannot Be Realized Unless You Wear Al Ain Badge

I Look Forward to Being in the Starting Lineup and Keep My International Badge

I am Fully Confident of My Skills and Never Expected to Join the Boss Squad

As part of its preparations for the new season and plans to enhance the backline of the squad, Al Ain FC has officially announced that the former “international” defender of Ajman FC Mohammed Shaker, 22 years old, has signed to Al Ain for five seasons which ends by 2024. The newly-arrived player will be wearing jersey No. 4.

Mohammed Shaker availed the opportunity to express his deep pleasure and pride to wear the logo of Al Ain. He stressed: “It is not a secret to say that I never expected to join the Boss squad. It is a big team and has a special position among other UAE clubs with all due respect to them all. Thanks God I have such a precious opportunity to be a member of this lofty sport entity.”

Responding to a question on the offers he received during the negotiations period with Al Ain Club, he said: “I would like to thank all the clubs that show their interest in joining me to their teams. However, my big aspirations which I strive hard to achieve in the world of football cannot be realized except by accepting the offer presented by Al Ain management.” He stated that he selected to join Al Ain as it is a big club in Asia with unprecedent achievements and historical titles at the local and continental levels at the top of which its remarkable participation in the FIFA Clubs World Cup- UAE 2018.

Commenting on being selected recently to join the UAE National Football Team, he said: “Actually, it is sometimes difficult to describe your great feelings when you are selected to join your national team and be granted the international badge for the first time. This is why I consider the year 2019 as a special and exceptional one and unforgettable for being selected to joining the national team and sig a professional contract with Al Ain FC.”

“When the ceiling of your ambitions is high and you look forward to winning all the local tournaments and enhancing your achievements with a continental championship and an honorable international appearance, you will not find any team that leads you to achieve your goals except the Boss. This is why I picked Al Ain’s offer among other offers. I pray to Allah to be up to the expectations and make the loyal Ainawi Nation happy,” he said.

He added: “I am confident that I will be able to achieve my ambitions in with the Boss of the UAE clubs because it has the potential to achieve its leadership’s vision and delight its fans at home and away competitions. My sights are set to be one of the starting line-up of the team which requires me to boost my efforts to achieve this goal. We all have to fight hard to defend the logo of the Boss and achieve the pre-set goals.”

Mohammed Shakir concluded his statement by extending his sincere thanks and appreciation to the leaders and management of Ajman FC for all the efforts exerted to make him a professional football player in AGL. He also thanked all the coaching teams, teammates and on top the fans who never let him down. “All the best to Ajman and hope Allah will give me success in the coming challenges.”


Mohammed Shakir kicked off his career at the age of eight when he joined the Ajman Club. he first joined the junior football teams and was promoted for his apparent quality skills to the first football team and was selected by coaches of the national teams at various stages. When he reached the age of 16, he officially joined the first team of Ajman when Portugal’s coach Manuel Caduga decided to give him the chance to participate in the training sessions of the team for his high-quality skills and his ability to improve his performance.

When he was 18 years old, the Iraqi coach Abdul Wahab Abdul Qadir was the first coach to give him the opportunity to play his official first match with with the first team. That was his first milestone in his career and to become of the basic choices of the Egyptian coach Ayman Ramadi.

The great performance and high level of development during the past two seasons made Mohammed Shakir resulted in selecting him to join the national team and receive the international badge. The Head Coach of the UAE National Football Team, Dutch Bert Van Marwijk, selected his to be one of the players of the team this year.

Personal Information

Name: Mohamed Ali Shakir
Date of birth: 27/04/1997
Nationality: Emirati
Former Club: Ajman FC
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 83 Kg