Al Hajeri Honors the Delegations of the Two Sudanese Powerhouses at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium

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Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri, Chairman of Al Ain Club Football Company, received the delegations of the two Sudanese powerhouses, Al Hilal and Al Merrikh clubs, on Monday evening 5th November 2018 at the Chairman’s Lounge at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium. The reception ceremony was attended by H.E. Ahmed Humaid Al Mazroui, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Club Football Company, Mo’tasem Malik, President of the Sudanese Club and Head of the Sudanese Community in Al Ain.

Al Hajeri presented the heads of Sudanese football clubs Al Ain FC memorial shields during the break time of the match between Bani Yas and Al Ain of the matchweek 9 o the Arabian Gulf League which ended by 2-0 in favor of Al Ain.

The delegation of Al Hilal FC included Mohamed Abdul Latif Haroun, Head of Delegation and Head of the Sports Sector, Ezzul Dein El Haj, Al Hilal Club Executive Director, Mohamed Abdel Fattah Zaghbeer, Board Member, and Hassan Mohamed Saleh, Director of Public Relations. Al Merrikh delegation included Ali Assad, Vice Chairman of Al Merrikh SC, and the board members Shamsul Dien Al Tayyeb and Haitham Mohammed Al Rashid in addition to Khalid Ahmad Al Mustafa, the Sports Director.

Al Hajeri availed the opportunity to express his sincerest appreciation for all the Sudanese community for their interaction with invitation of Al Ain to welcome the two Sudanese powerhouses in Al Ain. He stressed: “We are developing the outline of a twinning project between Al Ain and the Sudan’s Al Hilal and Al Merrikh to further enhance the mutual brotherly relationships between Al Ain and the two top football teams of Omdurman.”

“All available facilities will be opened to ensure the success of the training camps of the visiting teams, “Al Hajeri addressed the heads of the two teams. He added that Al Ain Club welcomes the two clubs’ loyal fans and the Sudanese families to attend the training sessions of both teams and visiting the training facilities of Al Ain Club for those who were not able to visit them previously during the training sessions and official matches of Al Ain First Football Team.

In his turn, Mohammed Abdul Latif Haroun, Head of Al Hilal Club Delegation, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to H.E. Ghanem Al Hajeri, Chairman of Al Ain Club Football Company, for the invitation, generous hospitality and superior reception. He emphasized: “It is not unusual for the sons of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul in peace, to launch such creative initiatives. We are so pleased and proud to visit the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, the magnificent architectural masterpiece that embodies the concept of luxury in all fields of football in the world. It is enough that this stadium won the award of the best football field in the world.”

Ali Assad, Head of Al Merrikh Delegation, said: “The initiative of H.E. Ghanem Al Hajeri to invite the Sudan powerhouses to the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium pleased us and made us feel as if we are at home and among our close big family. It all started once the delegation arrived at the airport and received by the Emiratis counterparts. Indeed, words of appreciation are not sufficient and do not give you all your due rights. We all provoke to Allah Al Mighty to lead you to the right track and wish you all the best of success, considering the relationship between the two brotherly countries enjoys the qualities of mutual appreciation and love of the homeland of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan.”

Assad congratulated AL Ain FC on the occasion of their victory in matchweek 9 of the league wishing the team all the best and to keep on achieving great results and make the loyal Ainawi fans inside and outside UAE happy. he signed off: “Hope the team will be able to achieve the desired aspirations in their coming challenge in the FIFA Clubs World Cup- UAE 2019.”