10 Years with Boss Squad Winning 10 Championships.. Mohammed Ahmad: I Joined Al Ain Team to Embrace Glory and Create the History


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Junior National Teams Lack the Spirit of One Family and Playing as a One Team

“The atmosphere of training camps is usually positive and significant. Thank God all is well and physical fitness level progress significantly with no injuries,” Al Ain player, Ahmad Mohammed, stated to Al Ain Club’s official website.

He added: “Boosting the spirit of the one family and getting to know each other, especially the newly arrived players, are one of the significant gains of the current stage dedicated to preparing the players for the new season.”

The Team’s Current Conditions

As for the current conditions of the team compared to the recent two seasons, i.e., the contemporary and the one before, he said: “Certainly, it was not easy. However, reaching the coronation podiums does not come out of thin air. It is the teamwork, including the Club’s management, head coach, players, and members of the Club.”

He also said: “It is not a secret to tell you that certain people did not expect the strong return of Al Ain Team to the podiums after a difficult season. However, no pain, no gain. Thank God for helping us win double trophies, and we look forward to working and winning more titles.”

“We all know what we are meant to do, push ourselves to the limit and enjoy a high concentration level in the coming stages. The Club’s management did their best and provided the team with all requirements to ensure its success. We hope to be up to expectations and turn this confidence into reality and achievements that align with our aspirations and make the Ainawi fans happy.”

There Will Be a Change

Regarding the changes that took place in the team’s lineup by adding more teeth to the lines by joining certain young players, he said: “It is a fact that football is a team game, and enhancing the strength of the team by joining young players is important to instill the spirit of competitiveness among the squad players, and to keep going in winning more titles.”

Mohammed Ahmad stressed that everyone in the team does his best to help young players and give them the chance to take advantage of the senior players’ expertise.

He said, “I remember my early years with Al Ain Team. I worked hard and sought to benefit from the legend players’ experiences who served the Boss sincerely. The same applies to the young players who are to do their best.

He mentioned an example of the players’ dedication and commitment, saying that Amer Ahmed, a player of the U-17 Team, joined the camp. He said he saw him wearing the training kit during break time. So I asked him: “Where are you going?” He replied, “I will train alongside Khaled Eisa, who is joining an additional training session.”

He commented on that, saying: “This is what is required from the young players. Their presence in the camp is an incentive for us. It is a must to exhibit a challenging spirit. I must admit that the team’s lineup includes the best names, and they are keen to take advantage of the senior players’ experience. They do not complain about the pressure of training, and we always give them advice as young brothers for us. We wish them all the best of luck in their future career.”

Al Ain Club’s Objectives

He said the Boss squad’s aspirations in the new season: “As I mentioned to you earlier, every season, the Al Ain squad is required to win titles, and this is the destiny of big clubs. Therefore, you will always find these clubs working to turn the support backing based on the available capacities into achievements and win more titles.

We also aim to make the team’s grassroots happy in deeds, not words, simply because we enjoy the culture of winning championships.

Palacios and Yarmolenko

He commented on a question about the skills of the new players, Palacios and Yarmolenko said: “It is certain that Ukraine’s Andriy Yarmolenko and Argentine’s Matias Palacios enjoy quality skills that serve the best interest of the team. Furthermore, they cooperate with their teammates on and off the pitch.

He pointed out that they proved that they could make a difference during the recent friendlies.

National Service

In response to a question on the time he spent with his teammates in the national service that kept him away from many matches and training sessions last season, he said: “Serving in the national service is a great honor for all of us. Regardless of the player’s commitments to training and matches in light of the national duty, I believe that a football player needs to take a break to accomplish his obligations during training and matches to the fullest, and I had the honor of performing the national service.”

He stated that during that period, he got to know new people and officials, and it was a good experience for him, although it kept him away from matches. He stressed that football is a team game, and if you miss a player for any reason, even if he is a star player, everyone will work to fill his position, and the team will perform better.

He thanked God that everyone stood by him during the time he spent serving our blessed homeland.

The Most Stunning Memories

Responding to a question on his most delightful memories with the Al Ain squad while realizing outstanding achievements along with his colleagues during his career, he said: “I spent more than ten years in Al Ain Club. Before joining the “Boss”, my ambitions were clear, and I was focusing on winning championships and boosting my football career through winning several titles to embrace glory and making history by belonging to a big club full of stars and enjoying the culture of winning championships.”

He said, “My goal was to play for the Al Ain squad. Thank God for helping me move to this great Club. However, reaching the FIFA Club World Cup final match was a significant achievement realized by the first Gulf and Emirati club has special memories.”

He said that it has a special memory as that achievement made everyone happy. He indicated that achievements are numerous, and each achievement has its special memory.

The Impossible

On the most important goals he scored as a top scorer defender, he said: “Yes, there are several goals I scored, but perhaps the decisive goal was against the Al Wahda team. It is a memorable goal not because I ran for a long distance or any other reason, but because it made the difference as we were competing to win the league title and Al Wahda. By the end of the day, it is no more than a goal.”

“Following the end of the match, the head coach Zoran Mamic was waiting for me in the team’s corridor and told me that I did the impossible,” he said.

He said he would like to greet the fans of Al Wahda and mentioned that he did not upload the video of the goal on my personal account directly because football is getting us all together.

International Numbers

He added: My goal in the Club World Cup against Espérance Sportive De Tunis is also one of the memorable goals as the fastest goal in a major championship. It broke the records and added a new record to Al Ain Club’s achievements.

In that championship, the Boss squad achieved several new records, including the fastest goal, which has been steadfast for five years. “ we needed only 79 seconds to take the lead and defeated the African champions to become the quickest goal in the history of the Club World Cup by 32 seconds.

We did break the record achieved by Diego Tardelli, who scored for his team, Atletico Mineiro, against Guangzhou Evergrande in the 2013 edition.

Construction and Destructive Criticism

Regarding the way he handles criticism, both constructive and destructive, he said: “Criticism exists everywhere. Some people criticize you just to give you advice. This, of course, stems from their personal interest in helping you.

He pointed out that they do so as they want to see you the best. He said: “I try my best to take advantage of such criticism as those who criticize you see things you do not see, considering that in the world of social media, things seem easier in sending messages to the players directly.”

Transfer Rumor

As for the rumors about his transfer to another club that spread on social media platforms, he said: “Indeed, it is effortless to spread rumors through social media on the transfer of players although it is often contrary to what is published.”

“I am fully committed to my contract with Al Ain Club. Whether to stay with the team or to be transferred to another club is all in the hands of the Club’s management. However, I have not received any notification from the Club management on receiving any offer from other clubs,” Mohammed said.

He also stated: “As I mentioned earlier, in light of the existence of various social media platforms, anyone can write and publish from his mobile phone, and it takes seconds for the news to spread out.”

He confirmed that he stays with the Boss squad and feels happy with his teammates. However, he wondered why such rumors were chasing him.

Mohammed said: “I am a full-time Ainawi player after I finished my national service period. I have already told the team’s manager that I will challenge and push myself to the limit. The Club’s management never falls short with us, and we own the Club a lot, and it is the time for payback.”

Annoying Rumor

He commented on the inconvenience rumors that upset him: “I remember when I was on my way to one of the training sessions, a rumor spread through the social media sites stating that I had a car accident. I received a call from my parents asking me if I was alive or not. I responded how come I am talking to them if I was not alive.”

He said that he pulled over and wrote on my account to deny the rumor and said at the time that whoever wants to spread rumors, I hope he does not spread any rumors related to accidents. He said: “All of us have a family, children, and friends who cannot bear such things. Indeed, that rumor was the most annoying one, and I forgive who spread such a rumor.”

Olympic and Youth Football Teams

Regarding Mohamed Ahmed’s memories with the Youth and Olympic football teams, he said: “I had the best and most beautiful memories with these teams. We had many challenges, and I still remember that I scored decisive goals with both teams in the Youth World Cup in Egypt 2009, the UAE Olympic Football Team in London 2012, and the UAE National Football Team.”

He commented that a few days ago, he watched the match against North Korea in 2011 as part of the Asian Olympic qualifiers. He stated his goal was decisive, and the UAE team won the game.

The Sacrifice

In response to a question about how the national teams can return to competing and winning titles, he said: “There are things that are difficult to explain. But, for example, when we were playing for the Youth and Olympic teams, the coach had the right to make decisions that serve the best interests of his team to the extent of depriving players of having any access to phones.”

“However, things become different based on the coach breaching the players’ privacy. Indeed, at that stage, we were ready to sacrifice to ensure serving the best interest of the team.” He said.

He wondered what was happening with the junior teams at present. He suggested that it is needed to build teams playing with the spirit of one family to achieve the desired ambitions.

Al Ain defender mentioned that when he joined the Youth Team in the World Cup in Egypt, he was surprised to work with different players from various clubs as one team. He said: “I would like to greet Coach Mahdi Ali played a key role in consolidating such a spirit among the players.”

Mohammed Ahmad believes it is difficult to go back to those days as “the young players currently do not accept advice from other players although they are required to work hard to improve themselves.”

He stressed that being a star in one match does not mean you are the top player as the player should diligently work hard.

He addressed a message to the young players: “Arrogance kills any player, and that humble player will achieve their goals. However, our UAE National Team needs more achievements, and it is a must to have a group of dedicated players who could do it, given the generous support offered to the players. Therefore, they are required to work more and do their best.”

Time Management

Commenting on a question on whether he had a sense of guilt and falling short for being away from family and friends, he said: “We all must sacrifice as we have commitments to the Club, especially when there are away camps and matches.”

He said the intelligent player manages his time as “it is necessary to allocate time for his family and children, given that the player has a busy time and it is challenging.”

Mohammed Ahmad pointed out that before he joined the team’s training camp one day, he had finished the national service obligations, and “I told my family that it is the duty call.

“However, I always communicate with them daily via video calls so that they do not feel that I am far from them and that they do not forget their father, at least! We did not spend a summer vacation together,” he said.

10 Championships

Mohammed Ahmed spent with the “Boss” nearly ten years, during which he won 10 championships, in addition to the global achievement when the team played the final match of the FIFA Club World Cup. The championships were four leagues, two President’s Cups, Super Cup twice, Professional Cup one, and the UAE-Moroccan Super Cup.