Diaky’s Performance Gives A Lesson to Young Players.. Zoran: Curious on Reasons Behind Deterioration of Al Ain Players Performance upon Return from UAE National Team Camp


Croatia’s Zoran Mamic opened the post-match press conference of Al Ain and Al Dhafra of matchwee2 of AGL stressing that he saw two different matches. “We did not play well in the first half and the key reason for that is the substandard preparations for this match. Indeed, I addressed this issue in the pre-match conference,” he said.

Zorn added: “I was annoyed by the players’ performance but all I know that this happened following their return from the UAE national team camp. I do not know what training schedules they had there!” He further explained that in the second half players did their best and pushed themselves to the best and “in general, I can assure you that with the off-color performance tonight we do not deserve win the match.”

“Do you remember the first half of the Super Cup in Cairo at the kickoff of this season, again the international players just returned from the UAE national team training camp! Players once they rejoin the team following the end of training camps of the UAE national team, their performance is usually is not optimal despite no differences in training sessions in our training sessions and theirs,” he stated. He went on to say: “The players’ level in general is not good and they are not happy and need time to adapt with the team. They lack speed, physical fitness and required power and above all they did not play in all matches: Mohammed Ahmad played for 5 minutes, Ahmad Barman for 10 minutes, Ajab for 20 minutes, Mohammed Abdul Rahman one match and Rayan Yaslam one match. This makes things difficult for me as I am responsible for my team’s results with full due respect to those on charge of the national team’s preparations.”

On the performance of the super substitute Ibrahim Diaky, he said: “He is a professional player and could make the difference at any time. He is one of the myriad talents in the team and it is difficult for any player in his age to fulfill the duties assigned to him on the pitch. He is serious, hard worker and enjoy high desire and concertation in training sessions and the away preseason training camp. Indeed, what he has done tonight is a great lesson to the young players.” Zoran stated that Diaky plays a key role while in the bench and on the pitch by inspiring and guiding all his teammates. Zoran signed off: “He is a remarkable player in every sense of the word.”