Faisal Al Farshan: I Expected Al Ain to Face Al Hilal in the Champions League Knock-Out Stage


Faisal Al Farshan, KSA’s Al Hilal Team Manager, said that all the teams qualified for the AFC Champions League quarter-finals from West and East Asia deserve to win the Asian title. He stated, “Al Ain is a great team with remarkable achievements. However, we both are looking forward to play a match worthy of the name and reputation of the two big clubs. Indeed, both team’s performance receives pronounced commendation and appreciation.”

In his comment on a question regarding his expectations of the match result, he said, “Following Al Hilal’s qualification to the quarter-finals, I expected to face Al-Ain. It is a fact that the two “Bosses” met so early in the strongest competition in Asia. I wish everybody the best of luck, and absolutely the team who possess the stronger desire to win and is highly focused will win the match.”