Hailed the Support and Attention of the Club’s Senior Management.. Abdullah Ali: We Played Against Al Wasl with 50% of our Actual Power, and the League Missed the Ainawi Nation


The Boss is Scheduled to Play Against KSA Ittifaq During the Current Break

Long Breaks Require Accurate Work and a High Level of Concentration

Ainawi Fans were in the Hearts of everyone, and we will Miss them Again When We Play Against Shabab Al Ahli

Jonatas Rejoins the Collective Training Sessions, and Erik Will Not Play the Next Clash Match Against Shabab Al Ahli

“The Boss achieved the most important thing in the recent matchweek 20 against Al Wasl, i.e., snatching the match’s three points,” Abdullah Ali, Al Ain Team Supervisor, stated in a press statement published by the Club’s official website.

He hailed the team’s performance, saying, “Despite missing our loyal fans in a big match against a good team. Nevertheless, the squad played with pronounced balance and fought to win the match’s result from the first until the last minute of the match,”

In response to a question on the secret behind the shift between the past and current seasons and that Al Ain is about to snatch the league title for the 14th time in its history, he said: “First of all, we must all agree that talking about embracing the 14th title is still too early, given that we still have 6 rounds to go.”

He added: “If we are to explain the secret of the team’s transformation in the current season, thanks to Allah first and then to the sublime care and generous support of the Club’s presidency. They have furnished all grounds for success to achieve the desired goals this season during the pre-season preparations. Not to forget the appropriate attention of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company and that all members of the team are held accountable to fulfill the team’s goals in the challenging journey of defending the “Boss” badge, i.e., the coaching teams, admin staff, players, medical staff, fans, club employees and all affiliated with the Al Ain Team. All of them know well what they are meant to do.”

Commenting on a question on the impact of the absence of the Al Ain fans on the team’s performance, he said: “We felt that we were playing the match with half our real power. This is because Al Ain fans are the team’s striking force, and their absence means that we lose 50% of our actual strength. Nevertheless, thank God for helping the team achieve the most important thing: the 3 points of the match. Furthermore, I have to hail the close follow-up of the coaching team of the match details and the high fighting spirit shown by the squad’s stars.”

He pointed out that the coach and players knew well that playing against Al Wasl would not be a piece of cake, given the recent long break due to the FIFA days.

He went on to say: “It is not easy to play official matches after this long break regardless of the team’s good preparatory program because, as you know, the official matches differ in their rhythm compared to friendlies. Today, we suffered a great deficiency due to the absence of the loyal fans who could not be behind the team from the stands of HBZS.”

As for the team’s preparation program during the current break, he said: “Actually, the long breaks require great effort and meticulous and organized work. Indeed, we have to hail the efforts of the coaching teams headed by Ukrainian Sergey Rebrov and members of the Pro Committee, along with the ongoing support of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, chaired by Dr. Matar Al Darmaki.”

“According to the team’s program during the current break, the coach gave the players a break time for four days. Then, the team will resume the training sessions regularly,” he said.

He stated that Al Ain Team is scheduled to play two friendly matches during this period against Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittifaq Team, and the second will be determined in the coming days.

As for the absent players, he said: “The actual influential absence in the team’s lineup is the Al Ain’s loyal fans. They are behind the “Boss” victories. It is a fact that nobody could deny, and I would like to emphasize that all of us are committed to adhering to the decisions. However, they are in our hearts as if they were in the stands supporting the team as usual.”

He stressed that: “Fans were there through their messages of support sent via social platforms and their continuous cheer up everywhere in the city. We will miss them again during matchweek 21 against Shabab Al Ahli.”

Abdullah Ali said: “Jonatas de Santos will rejoin the collective training sessions in the coming period, while Erik Jorgines will not play the next match against Shabab Al Ahli. However, he will play the remaining games.