Hails the Community Initiative.. The Boss Spurs “Al Ain Council” During the Virtual Session of 30-Day Challenge


Al Juniabi: Positive Indicators … Health is a Priority

Ajab: Al Ain is a Model Healthy City

Considering Al Ain Club’s role in consolidating the concept of the comprehensive sports club whose role is not limited to sports activities and as part of the Al Ain Football Club Company to be part of the initiatives dedicated to supporting the society, Salem Al Juniabi, member of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Football Club Company, and Mohammed Abdul Rahman “Ajab”, the star of Al Ain First Football Team, participated in the online closing session of the 30-Day Challenge organized by Al Ain Youth Council.

In his speech he delivered during the online session, Salem Al Juniabi hailed the dedicated efforts exerted by the Al Ain Youth Council through their creative initiatives and contributing in providing the best services to the society.

“Indeed, it is not a secret to announce that the 30-Day Challenge is the best initiative ever. This initiative has positive indicators starting from practicing physical fitness exercises and adopting a healthy nutrition program supervised by specialists and a weekly follow-up of the participants’ conditions,” Al Juniabi said.

He added: “I would like to congratulate all male and female participants. Every and each participant in this Challenge is a winner. It is meant to consolidate the principle of sound practices and emphasize that “Health is a Priority” for each human being. We all provoke to Allah Al Mighty to maintain such a blessing, and we congratulate the first three winners and hope this initiative would last for good.”

Al Juniabi concluded his statement by stressing that Al Ain Football Club Company is keen to take part in all creative initiatives seeking to serve the best interests of the society wishing everyone the best of luck.

On his part, Mohammed Abdul Rahman stated: “I have the honor to be part of this virtual closing session of the 30-Day Challenge, which seems full of excitement and challenges. I do not believe that there is any loser in this Challenge. I want to avail this opportunity to congratulate all the participants for being winners just for being a participant in this creative initiative once they decide to lose weight and adopt a healthy and sporty lifestyle.”

Ajab went on to say: “We all are proud of the initiatives launched by the Al Ain Youth Council. The 30-Day Challenge is one of the significant ones as it encourages everyone to adhere to sound health practices.”

He signed off by extending his appreciation for the Al Ain Youth Council members for their dedicated efforts as this Challenge is considered a true nucleus for the “Al Ain Model Healthy City Project”.