Hussein El Shahat: Winning Ajman is Far More Important Than El Shahat’s Stardom


“Winning the match against Ajman is far more important than being honored with the title of “Star of the Match”,” by this statement Al Ain’s Egyptian Winger, Hussein Al-Shahat, humbly commenced his brief interview following the end of the match. He added: “I do believe that the actual mega stars are really all my teammate and everyone, including technical and administrative staff, fans and each member of this lofty entity, who spared no efforts to make and push the “Boss” players to look brilliant this evening by fulfilling their obligations simply because football is collective game in the genuine sense of the word.” He underscored: “Whenever you have fully cooperative components, positive results are certainly to be achieved, and thank Allah for helping us to snatch the three points.”

“It is not a secret to tell you that I am just over the moon as I scored a hat-trick and I was able to do so through the perfect assists of my teammates and every player who contributed to this thrilling result. I do hope to move ahead with such great and strong results,” said El Shahat.

“Honoring me this evening really means a lot to me!” El Shahat commented on a question on PLC’s honoring him with “Goal Scorer Initiative Award”. He further explained: “Because this is the first award in my name since joining Al Ain and as I have already mentioned to you that Al Ain is a big club whose squad is full of big quality names and players, and not to forget the professional and brilliant management of Al Ain Club in the true sense of the word. Each moment I spend with the “Boss”, I feel stratified and so proud and honored to be one of Al Ain’s squad.”

Responding to the last question on his injury, he said: “All praise is to be to Allah, the injury is no more than a bruise resulted from hitting the goalkeeper of Ajman team unintentionally at the moment of scoring the seventh goal. However, all is OK and I am pretty confident that I will be fully fit and ready for the coming match against Emirates team.”