I am “Ainawi”.. Meziane: I Am Here Out of Personal Conviction and Chose to be Ainawi Rather Than Joining Other European Clubs


I Look Forward to Clinch the AFC Champions League Title and Fully Confident I will Win the Hearts of the Loyal Fans

The Situation Here is Completely Different from the other European Clubs

The Algeria’s international player Abderrahmane Meziane who has joined the Al Ain FC recently expressed his deep pleasure to join the squad of one of the best clubs in the Arab countries and Asia as a whole. He stressed: “I am well aware of the value and position of the Al Ain Club whose grassroots are the largest in the State. I do know what I am meant to do to defend the log of my lofty sport club locally at home and away challenges with sights set to achieve the desired aspirations.”

Meziane added: “It is not a secret anymore to tell that I am a loyal fan of the Al Ain FC and fervently watched all the team’s matches in the FIFA Clubs World Cup- UAE 2018. I wished they could win the title as they deserved to clinch that dearest cup. It was my dream to play for Al Ain all that time and thanks God my dream came to true when I finalized all my contract procedures flawlessly. It is my aspiration to be lucky enough along with my super teammates to embrace the glory again and clinch the title of the AFC Champions League again.”

Responding to a question on the offers he received from other clubs during the stage of negotiations with the Al Ain Club, he underlined: “Actually, I did receive several offers from other Arab and European clubs during my negotiations with Al Ain FC. However, I picked Al Ain’s offer to achieve my personal aspirations, considering that Al Ain is one of the biggest clubs in the region and the Asian continent.”

“Personally, Al Ain FC has been my favorable and final destination and I am here out of personal conviction,” he said while commenting on a question on the dream of all players in the region to play in Europe. He emphasized that Al Ain is similar to any European club in terms of its professionalism, reputation and its big name and stated that playing for Al Ain will definitely pave the way to you to play in European clubs.

He concluded his statement by saying: “I hope I will be lucky enough and perform well and meet the expectations of the team’s management, coaching team and the loyal fans.” He also expressed his wishes to receive the massive support of the fans while playing in one of the best stadiums in the world, Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, and be able to achieve the great goal of the club locally and continently.

Personal Information:
Name: Abderrahmane Meziane
Date of Birth: 07/03/1994
Former Clubs: Algeria’s Olympique de Médéa- Union sportive de la médina d’Alger
Position: Forward
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 62 Kg