Laba Boosts the Striking Force of the Boss Until 2022


Stressed that Contracts is Underway and Local and Resident Players Are on Al Ain’s Radar

Hammad: We are Done with the Foreign Players Dossier on Time

Positive Indicators on the Issue of Renewing the Players’ Contracts

Al Ain has recently announced that the Togolese international footballer, Kodjo Fo-Doh Laba, signed to Al Ain for three season following the end of his contract term with the Moroccan club RS Berkane. The newly-arrived player will play for Al Ain for three seasons until 2022.

H.E. Mohmmed Obeid Hammad underlined that having the Togolese player onboard is an added value to the squad and add more teeth to the striking force of Al Ain. “We selected him based on the head coach’s desire and approval of the Al Ain Football Company management for three seasons.”

Hammad explained: “We were lucky enough to finalize the contracts of the foreign players prior kicking off the home and away summer camp. Indeed, there are still pending issues with regard to the local and resident players contracts, but this will be resolved shortly. Our sights are set to achieve the Club’s goals and make all the loyal Ainawi fans happy.”

He concluded his statement by underlining that the coming period will witness signing new contracts with the players who serve the best interests of the team based on the vacant positions identified by the new coaching team. He stressed that there are positive indicators with regard to the contracts of local and resident players.