I am Patriotic.. I am Ainawi

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Late Sheikh Zayed taught us how to love our homeland; he showed us how unity means strength and to love giving and be generous. He instilled in us the noble values and genuine traditions. Indeed, in the “Year of Late Sheikh Zayed”, may Allah rest his soul in peace, we experience historical moments in the name of our homeland and will raise the flags of our dearest UAE and chant loudly to support our team in their “national” heroic mission that he is experiencing in the filed of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium against Argentina’s River Plate.

When our loyal fans roar, the scene will be magnificent in the standings of Hazza bin Zayed Stadium and all the eyes of spectators worldwide will be spotting one of the most important and unique global events. When we chanted altogether “UAE”, we succeeded in achieving our goal in the name of our homeland.

Once the challenge matches your ambitions, dreams and wishes, all senses of balance, standards even the expressions will definitely change. By the end of the day, you will reflect your authentic image that make you satisfied and all your passionate lovers, fans and those who belong to this big sport entity will be over the moon.

When you achieve a dream to play in the Club World Cup, there were high voices expressed their concerns and suspicions that the Boss will overcome the current challenges and progress to advanced stages in this tournament due to the volume of immense challenges the team has. However, the Boss is the most popular and the winningest club in the UAE and the Champs of the double historical titles last season, besides being the strongest competitor to clinch the title of the current season league. Some of them did not even bet that the Boss will perform well, be up to the challenge and to be able to make the difference and write new lines in the history of the competition.

“How Wonderful to Down Esperance de Tunisia!”

To win at this stage is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, to win the CAF Champion is absolutely brilliant, to win Esperance de Tunisia is more and more than magnificent and to win this big team by clean three goals is something beyond description. What a bargain!

“How Wonderful to Down Esperance de Tunisia!”

To be global team is not a feature as much as it is a responsibility and deeds. It is an event that does not happen very often in the history of the clubs, players, coaches, mangments and every and each one who has the opportunity to be part of the organizing teams in such a great global event.

And to become a global club means to write new lines in the history of your club to keep your name shining and engraved in all its walls and be in your memory throughout your life.

Over the Moon

When you believe in your inner potentials, and that you are able to overcome all your challenges while relying on your faith, you will certainly achieve your goals and turn your dreams to a reality even if there people who are not convinced of your capabilities. Your belief in your potentials and confidence in what you can do will help you to realize your ambitions is the most important driver to make the history in such a global event.

You can face certain conditions and your opportunities become limited. However, through the ideal preparation to confront them, showing interest in all details, exhibiting the spirit of fighting and sacrifice, good planning and to have a realistic management of such an event and your determination to achieve your goals along with redoubling your efforts will be the sail that leads you safety and to achieve the desired ambitions.

It is only one step away to reach that dream and to make the history! Achieving it means we will embrace the glory and achieve our homeland dream. We have already overcome two critical stages and we have only one stage to go. Then, we be standing at the threshold of glory and write the name of UAE in golden letters in the international honor list.

The history will say: “Al Ain passed from here”, made the glory for the homeland and did realize the dream of a nation and honored the UAE and the Arab football. This is our great gift to all of you in the Year of Zayed.

By Ghanem Mubarak Al Hajeri