Creative Initiative Embodying the Concept of Comprehensive Sports Club.. The Boss’ Players Express their Sincerest Wishes of Speedy Recovery of Al Ain Club’s Former Senior Member of Al Ain Club, Faleh Al Nuaimi

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The players, coaching teams, and administrative staff of Al Ain First Football Team were keen to extend their sincerest wishes for the speedy recovery of the former senior member of Al Ain Club, Faleh Al Nuaimi. Noteworthy, Al Nuaimi is indisposed at present and hospitalized.

The “Boss” initiative received a pronounced welcome and a significant interaction from the Al-Ainawi senior member and his family members in the Al Ain City. Faleh’s sons confirmed that this generous gesture is not unusual for Al Ain Club, considering that despite his presence at hospital, he was always keen to check up on the Club’s conditions and follow up on the results of his favorite team.

He pointed out that he was happy with that surprise, and “it is not a secret to tell you that we actually felt a flawless improvement in his health, which reflected on his morale.”

In his turn, Al Nuaimi expressed his deep gratitude and appreciation to the UAE wise leadership and the senior management of the Al Ain Club for the substantial attention and generous support that this lofty entity continued to enjoy.

He also extended his sincerest regards and appreciation to the first team players, the coaching teams, administrative staff, and all employees of Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and its affiliates, wishing all of them all the best f luck.

Ahmed Al Shamesi, Al Ain Team Manager, said that the initiative stems from the keenness of all members of this entity and their commitment to the Club’s values and principles.

He indicated that “They all embody, through this initiative, the comprehensive concept of the sports club, which is not limited to sports aspects only. Indeed, all team members are keen to embody the concept through maintaining communications with all generations. This concept is adopted in an effort to serve the community and enhance communication with everyone.”

Al Shamesi added: “Faleh Al Nuaimi is one of the Club’s significant supporters. He is one of the founders of the Club. I believe that communication with all the Club’s lovers and supporters is a duty of all members. This is definitely consistent with our Club’s vision, policy, and strategic plans.”

Khaled Eisa addressed a message through the “Teems” video meeting application program to Faleh Al Nuaimi on behalf of his fellow teammates, the coaching teams, and administrative staff.

He expressed their sincere wishes for a speedy recovery while stressing that they are well aware that there is an exceptional relationship that connects all the Club’s senior members with Al Ain Team, given that he was so keen to sand next to the team at all the times by attending the training sessions and both friendlies and official matches.

Khalid Eisa concluded his statement by saying: “We look forward to your visit and seeing you with us soon by the end of the current pandemic, God Willing!”