Lucky with Al Ain Fans.. Alfred Schreuder: We are the powerful Al Ain… we respect the ambitions of all competitors


Those who believe that there is a test match for Al Ain shall consider this their problem

Alfred Schreuder, Al Ain Dutch head coach, affirmed that his team shall conduct its principal training session today to prepare for the technical plan of Al Sharjah match. “We realize that our opponent in the fourth round is a good team, but we are the powerful Al Ainwhich respects the ambitions of all competitors”, He stated.

Replying to a question regarding those who describe Al Sharjah match as a real test for Al Ain, he said: “That’s their problem.”

Commenting to a question about whether he believes that the Al Ain and Al Sharjah match, the two representatives of the UAE in the AFC Champions League, is the derby of the League, he said, “I believe that both teams deserve to represent the UAE in the AFC Champions League, and the upcoming match is considered a derby.Moreover, I believe that Al Wasl and Al Sharjah match is also a derby, but of course, Al Sharjah and Al Ain match is also a derby.”

Regarding analyzing the performance of the opposing team that won over Al Ain in all the finals last season, he said, “As I mentioned before, we realize that our opponent is good, and they achieved victories in some finals in the previous season, but the most important point for me now is to focus on the match the day after tomorrow. We have analyzed the performance of Al Sharjah which has good players, but we are Al Ain and we realize well what is required from us in Thursday’s match.”

Regarding the expected absences from his team’s squad in the upcoming round of ADNOC Pro League, he said, “We don’t have any absences right now, and everyone is ready for our next match against Al Sharjah.”

Regarding Al Ain fans sold-out tickets within hours, he said, “It is very good news for us that the tickets were sold out within hours as they will always support us as usual, which emphasizes their confidence in their team, and we are really lucky with Al Ain fans.”