Schreuder greets the players and fans at the press conference.. Schreuder: I’m not satisfied with the performance in the 1sthalf


I learned from my father that it is the players who list their names in the lineup, not the coach.

Every match Al Ain FC plays is an important test for me, and I don’t care for what others say.

In my opinion, the players are motivated to encounterSharjah next round.

The Dutch, Alfred Schreuder, the coach of Al Ain FC, expressed his satisfaction with the final result of his team’s match against Ajman, which ended 6-0. However, he also expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance in the 1st half, despite leading “Al- Zaeem” 4-0. Schreuderconfirmed that it is natural for a coach to be happy when leads by four goals, but when the performance is not good, he will not be that much happy for sure.

In the 1st half, we did not play with the required level, unlike the 2nd half, where we performed well, even though we only scored two out of the total six goals. But we focus only on our performance, not the performance of the opposing team. Therefore, our level should be in constant improvement. Schreuder continued

Schreuder added: When you win by six goals in the league champion after returning from the AFC Champions League, it is a good result. In the end, we aim at making Al Ain FC fans happy, and that is what happened. From here, I would like to salute both the players and the fans.

In response to a question about the reason for his dissatisfaction with his team’s performance in the 1st half, he said: “When we started the 1st half, the opposing team created more chances, and there were some defensive problems that were annoying for us. However, in the 2ndhalf, we improved a lot.”

When asked about the upcoming match against Sharjah, which is considered an important test for his team, he said: “Every match we play is an important challenge, and I believe that the match against Pakhtakor was also a challenge. We played against the champion of Uzbekistan’s league and one of the best teams in the Continent. As for me, our match against Bani Yas was not an easy challenge, and in all matches, we face important challenges, so I don’t care much about what others say.”

Regarding whether the level of the players listed in hislineup is a headache for him, he said: “I am happy with the performance of many players on my team’s lineup, and it is not a headache. But perhaps the inability of some players toplay may cause them some frustration. However, in the end, I learned something from my father, which is that it is the players who list their names in the lineup, not the coach.”

The Al Ain FC Coach continued: “A good player demonstrates his skills in the required manner to serve the team, and there are several outstanding players on the bench. They will be selected to be in the lineup based on their performance. Today, I am very happy with the performance of Jonatas, who scored a goal and showed a good performance and great effectiveness in the team. I am happy with his performance and the contribution he made to the team.”

In response to a question about whether he is motivated to encounter Sharjah, which is a real rehearsal for Al Ain’s Asian match, he said: “Al Ain played more than one final against Sharjah last season and did not win. In my opinion, the players are more motivated to encounter Sharjah.”