Marking the World Heart Day.. The Boss Stars React to Two Kids’ Messages Sent from Tawam Hospital


Khaled Eisa: I Was Surprised by Yousef’s Immaculate and Full of Love and Appreciation Message

Laba Kodjo Invites Little Khaled to Attend the Match Between Al Ain and Ittihad Kalba at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium

The Boss stars interacted with two immaculate messages addressed by two children with heart disease, from inside Tawam Hospital, during the participation of the Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club along with several government and private entities and authorities, last Thursday morning, on the occasion of the World Heart Day.

The Boss den guard, Khaled Eisa, extended a speedy recovery message to Youssef Al Blooshi, five-year-old, who in turn sent a message full of love and appreciation to the player and faithful guard, from inside the hospital, despite the artificial respirators that never leave him.

Khaled Eisa, who seemed affected by the condition of the child “Yousef”, surprised him by extending a special invitation to attend the Al Ain match and Ittihad Kalba and even enter with him and his fellow players to the field to take official photos. He also expressed his sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.

Khaled Eisa said, in statements published by the Al Ain Club’s official website: “Yousef was the one who surprised me with his vivid message full of love and appreciation, despite his health condition.”

He further explained: “Our duty in Al Ain Club is to work and strive for the happiness of the largest grassroots in our beloved country, especially the generation. Indeed, it is not a secret to tell you that I am willing to dedicate a good time to visit him at hospital to follow up on his health condition. I will call him.”

Khaled Eisa extended his appreciation to Yousef’s family and the management of Tawam Hospital for responding to his message and his teammates and accepting our invitation to Youssef to attend the match while adopting the necessary health safety procedures. I do pray Yousef and all the sick children be cured and be safe.”

As for the child Khaled Al Ketbi, “10 years old”, in turn, sent anfrank message while undergoing medical examinations addressed to the Togolese “international” league top scorer, Laba Kodjo, saying: “I have a message for Laba … I want you” to be the historical scorer of Al-Ain Club,”

Laba responded on spot expressing his sincerest wishes for Khaled’s speedy recovery. Then he invited him to attend the team’s next match against Ittihad Kalba and meet him inside the players’ changing room.

For his part, Dr. Anwar Al Zaabi, Consultant Cardiovascular Diseases at Tawam Hospital, said: “It is universally recognized that cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death. It is our task as medical doctors is not only limited to providing medical treatment, but also to prevent disease. It is determined to mark the twenty-first of September annually as the World Heart Day. During this day we aim to spread the healthy culture among the residents of UAE prevent heart disease to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all members of society.”

Dr. Anwar added: “In realization of the proverb “Prevention is better than cure,” we must follow a healthy lifestyle, by exercising, adopting a healthy diet, and avoiding fast food and smoking.”

“I do not support the system of walking for 30 minutes 4 times a week as I see it useless. However, if we adopt the movement system in our daily life and avoid using elevators that we must leave for the sick and the elderly, in addition to abandoning the idea of ​​shortening the distances between us over the phone in communicating within offices or even at home, in addition to working on collecting a balance of steps in the search for movement, we should not be anxious to park our cars in the parking closest to the workplace or home, but we seek to walk and in this way we will find that we have linked our exercise to our lifestyle.”