Mohammed Hilal Officially Signs to Al Ain Until 2024.. Mohammed Hilal: Moving to Al Ain is A Major Milestone in My Professional Career


Joining the Boss Squad is the Dream of Each Player in Arabian Gulf League

In a new step to further enhance the power of the team as of the new season, Al Ain has officially announced that Mohammed Hilal Al Nuaimi, 23 years old, signed to Al Ain FC for five seasons until 2024.

The newly arrived player described moving from Ajman FC to the Al Ain fort as an enormous step in his professional career as it is a fact that Al Ain is a big and one of the best clubs in Asia. “It is a quantum leap and an added value experience that will definitely boost my skills. It is the dream of each professional player to be associated with the name of the Boss. Indeed, thanks God for this honor and being able to fulfill my dream of wearing the jersey of the Boss. I am well aware of the huge responsibility of being one of the Ainawi squad as this means that my ambitions will never soar below the skies, given the great and world-class facilities that motivate all the players to push themselves to the limit and achieve the highest indicators in terms of performance to realize the goals of the club. Add to that making the loyal fans happy who always expect the team to be the winner of all local, continental and even international confrontations.”

Responding to a question on his ambitions with his new team: “The name of Al Ain FC has always been associated with the exceptional achievements and championships and once you get the chance to be part of such a squad whose target is to win any challenge and even a draw result does not make them happy, you have to believe you have unlimited space for your ambitions and win the titles. I feel everything is there and is meant to write a new history with the team because simply it is the Boss.”

He added: “When I received the offer, I skipped everything related to the financial issues and focused on achieving my big ambitions with the Boss because as I stated earlier it is the dream of each player to join this great squad. I preferred to play for Al Ain to add to my personal career new and unprecedent historical achievements. Also, being a player in the starting IX of Al Ain definitely will make easier for hard workers to wear the international badge through playing for the UAE National Football Team.”

Hilal expressed his deepest pleasure and gratitude for the highly appreciated trust in his skills and be part of the Al Ain quality squad. He promised to do his best and spare no efforts to defend the logo of the Boss and meet the expectations and be able to achieve the team’s goals.

At the same time, Hilal took the opportunity to extend his sincere thanks to the Ajman FC, the loyal fans and the coaching team headed by Egypt’s Ayman Al Ramadi for their trust in his skills during the past seasons. The player underlined the media reports on his pre-conditions to sign to Ajman is linked to play in the starting IX of the team are not true and fake news. “Any player selected to be part of the starting lineup of the team is the result of his hard work and dedicated efforts on the pitch. It is not good at all to promote such fake news as it is nonsense at all.”

The Player’s Experience

The new player of Al Ain commenced his career at Ajman Football Academy when he joined U-14 Team to play in the position of a midfielder. When he turned to 17 years, he was selected by Iraq’s Abdul Wahab Abdul Qader and he proved himself as a quality player and got the opportunity to be part of the first team under the command of Tunisia’s Fathi Al Jabbal and Egypt’s Ayman Al Ramadi.

Hilal was one of the key players of Ajman team and greatly contributed to the efforts of the team to be back to the stars league. He had an exceptional season with his team and proved he is of a great value in the team’s journey in the Arabian Gulf League.

He was selected to join the UAE Youth Football Team and he has been recently selected to join the UAE Olympic Football Team.

Personal Information

Name: Mohammed Hilal Al Nuaimi
Date of Birth: 10/08/1995
Former Club: Ajman FC
Position: Midfielder
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 68 Kg