Mohamed Jamal Officially Signs to Al Ain Until 2023.. Jamal: I am so Proud to Join My Dream Team and Thanks to Al Jazira


I Look Forward to Boosting My Career by Adding More Historical Achievements with the Boss

Al Ain has officially announced that the former midfielder of Al Jazira, Mohammed Jamal 25 years old, has signed to Al Ain for 4 seasons to enhance the lineup of the team. The new player is known for his genuine fighting spirit, speed, seriousness and concentration.

The newly-arrived player expressed his pleasure and pride for joining the Boss squad. He underlined: “When you get the chance to be part of a big club in the region and Asia, you have to be aware that you will bear a big responsibility that requires you to redouble your efforts, show the real and genuine fighting spirit and to be highly focused to meet the club’s management and fans expectations. I hope I will be able, along with my teammates, to make the Ainawi Nation happy in all the coming matches.”

Commenting on his negotiations with Al Ain FC, he said: “When it comes to reviewing offers submitted by clubs upon the end of the player’s contract, it is completely different when the offer comes from Al Ain Club because it is my dream team and the club that everyone wishes to belong to. It is not all about money compared to play for a big club with historical achievements. For me, it is a new satge in my career that is completely different from the previous ones at all levels.”

He added: “Personally, it was a done deal as it is my desire to be part of this big club. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to Al Ain Club who offered me everything that will help me in boosting my performance, and also I would like to thank the management for their professionalism in managing the negotiations dossier during the past period.”

As for the offers he received during his last six months of his contract, he stated: “First of all, I would like to thank Al Jazira Club and its loyal fans for their highly appreciated support since I joined the club’s junior teams until I was promoted to be part of the first team. I am so happy with all my achievements during the whole past seasons, including winning the title of the AGL League and the President’s Cup.”

Mohammed Jamal stressed that the career of the professional player is always full of challenges and that every day he has a new challenge that add more to his experience. He also extended his best wishes to his former teammates and be able to achieve their aspirations and he thanked all the clubs who showed an interest to have him onboard.

Responding to a question on the difficulty of being one of the choices in the lineup of the Boss squad given the names available in the team, he stressed: “When I accepted to join Al Ain squad, I was well aware of the fact that it will be difficult to be always in the first starting IV players and this is the case of all big clubs. However, it requires exerting sincere efforts and be highly focused along with showing the real and genuine fighting spirit to win the coach’s trust. For me, I keep good relationships with the players of the Boss and I am sure the family spirit dominating the atmosphere will make it easy for me to adapt swiftly. Additionally, it is a positive thing that there is a competition among the players to be part of the coach’s choices which serves the best interests of the team and help players to further improve their performance and skills.”

Commenting on a question on his experience with Manchester City FC, he said: “I was 16 years old when I had that chance and absolutely it was a significant experience and changed my way of thinking and turned me to be professional player both at the mental and physical levels. It was great time, but it did not last that much due to my ambitions to continue my education where I left the “Citizens” Football Academy and headed to USA prior coming back to our dearest homeland to resume my career with Al Jazira FC which I owe a lot.”

Personal Information:
Name: Mohammed Jamal
Former Club: Al Jazira
Position: Midfielder
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 70 Kg.