Emphasizes on the importance of winning against Ahal.. Mohamed Abbas: We are required to show the spirit of victory, commitment and seriousness



Al Ain midfielder, Mohamed Abbas, emphasized that his team is ready for tomorrow’s match against the Turkmen Ahal, stating: “We realize that our task against the home team will not be easy, considering the changing weather and playing on a pitch we are unfamiliar with as our team is used to playing on natural football pitches, and we might face the challenge on an artificial turf in an official match for the first time.”

“The coach has made all the necessary arrangements for the team’s preparations for the upcoming match, which is undoubtedly crucial for us. We are well aware of what is expected from us, and we must demonstrate the spirit of victory, commitment, and the required seriousness to return from Ashgabat with the three points, all while respecting the ambitions of Ahal team,” He continued.

Commenting on a question about his first visit to Turkmenistan, he said: “Definitely, we are in a wonderful country, and personally I love reading. Before coming here, I read about Turkmenistan and was excited to visit, but I found it more beautiful than expected. I’m very happy to visit Ashgabat, even though I have not left my room in the hotel.”