Head Coach Grants the Players a 72-Hour Break.. Rebrov: We Identify Mistakes to Improve Performance


We Work Hard with High Concentration in the Away Camp 
Per the training program dedicated to the summer away training camp, the head coach Sergiy Rebrov granted the players a 72-hour break.
Noteworthy, the pre-season away camp was kicked off on 19 July in Bad Gögging City in Germany, where the first camp phase was held and ended on 31 July 2022. The second phase commenced on 31 July 2022 in Austria’s Geinberg City. This phase will end by 20 August 2022.
Al Ain Team has played five friendly matches so far. The team won the first and second friendly match playing against Hankofen Helling and Groter Fürth, both of the German fourth division, with a score of 1-0 and 2-1, respectively. However, the team was held to a goalless draw when played against Saudi Arabia’s Abha FC in the third friendly confrontation. In the last two matches, the Boss squad lost to Saudi Arabia’s Al Fayha FC 0-2 and Al Kuwait FC 1-3.
In an exclusive statement to the Al Ain official website, Sergiy Rebrov stated by the end of the team’s last match against Al Kuwait FC: “At this stage of the away camp, we evaluate the players’ performance to get the team in the right form. During the last three days, we involved the squad in intense training sessions in the morning and evening ahead of playing the last two friendly confrontations.”
“We were doing our best to identify mistakes to correct them. However, the main goal is to play powerfully and show seriousness, as it does not matter whether we play friendly or official matches. I am sure this will prepare the team for the new season,” he added.
Regarding the three days break he granted to the team players, he said: “According to our program in the camp, we put this period to rest after hard work in this difficult stage. I know they miss their families, and after the break, they will return to training sessions to continue the hard work.”