Put A Smile on a Loyal Fan’s Face.. Laba Kodjo to Alyasi: “You Got It!”

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Laba: Al Ain Fans Are the Main Reason for the Boss’ Victories
We’ll Fight Hard to Achieve Our Personal Aspirations and Make the Loyal Fans Happy.
Alyasi: Thanks Go to Al Ain Football Company, and Laba Make My Dream Come True

Committed to Al Ain Club’s values and its creative initiatives to promote communication with the loyal fans through the Al Ain Fans Affairs Office, Al Ain star striker, Togo’s Laba Kodjo, reacted to a request made by the Ainawi supporter of people of determination, Abdullah Alyasi, who is one of the loyal fans who are always keen to support his favorite team and cheer up the players in all matches from the stands of the stadium and on TV screens sometimes.

The story started when a video went viral showing Alyasi expressing his desire to receive the jersey of the top scorer of the Boss and ADNOC Pro League to put it in a frame and keep it in his room.

Responding to Alyasi’s desire, Al Ain Fans Affairs Office took the initiative and coordinated with the Al Ain Club and First Football Team managers to contact Laba Kodjo and inform him about the fan’s wish. Laba agreed with no hesitation to present his jersey and sign it while confirming that the Boss fans stand behind the team’s victories.

Laba stated: “I was overwhelmed by chatting with Alyasi online and hope to see him soon in Hazza bin Zayed Stadium. I promise him and all fans to fight hard to defend the Boss badge and put a smile on their faces.”

In his turn, Alyasi expressed his sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the moral high ground and magnificent top scorer Laba Kodjo. He stressed: “It is not a secret to say that I did not expect I will chat with Laba and his quick reaction to my request and to present me his jersey. It is like a beautiful dream.”

Alyasi extended his sincerest thanks to the Al Ain Football Club Company, First Football Team managers, Al Ain Fans Affairs Office, and all who connected him with Laba Kodjo.

Alyasi wished the Boss squad all the best and be back to coronation podiums soon and win this season’s titles.