Promising to contribute to achieve more titles.. Erik: Al Ain is my beautiful dream and great home



The current squad of “Al Zaeem” is the best… and our fans are exceptional

I felt comfortable and happy after wearing the Emirati “Kandura”

Alfred Schreuder adopts a magnificent training technique to possess and control the ball

Personally, I love heritage and my family is also fond of the Emirati customs and traditions

Erik Jorgens expressed his great happiness for extending his contract with “Al Zaeem” until 2028, emphasizing that: “My happiness is logical, particularly when my name is connected with the biggest and most prestigious club in the UAE and Asia. I thank God for the new contract that actually changes my whole life for the better for me, my family, and all details of my life. Here, I must express my appreciation to Al Ain management and everyone. I’m well aware that words of thanks and appreciation should be translated on the pitch through contributing to achieving titles and championships”.


Feeling Happy

Replying to a question about his relevance to Al Ain City, he said, “For me, Al Ain is the place that makes me feel happy, and I thank God for granting me the honor of belonging to this magnificent city as I’m extremely happy for extending my contract with the best club in the UAE and Asia”.


The Best Asian Club

Regarding his feelings after wearing the Emirati “Kandura” he said, “Frankly, I wished to wear the Emirati ‘Kandura’ while seeing my teammates wearing it sometimes along with the Emiratis and non-Emiratis in malls, markets, and everywhere in the country as it is the prevailing attire here. Moreover, the Emirati people in general prefer to wear it and I believe it is stylish and suitable for me more than expected and this may be relevant to my Arab origins. It impressed my teammates, my family, as well as everyone who saw me. Personally, I felt comfortable and happy during the fitting and after wearing it”.

“It will be my favorite attire and I will make many custom-made “Kanduras”. I emphasize that I’m very grateful to God for extending my contract with the greatest Emirati and Asian club and I assure you that I will work and do my best for this great club and their loyal fans by achieving excellent results in various championships”, he continued.


Al Ain is my beautiful home

I consider Al Ain as my homeland as I was received with a wonderful welcome in the United Arab Emirates, and I thank God for everything because I live in Al Ain, which represents a wonderful story in my life. Here, I realized my biggest dreams and I couldn’t imagine all the blessings that God gave me, such as living in a place on the other side of the world with a different culture, but I actually feel that I live in my homeland, and I thank God so much for this.


Customs and Traditions

Regarding the Emirati customs and traditions, he said, “Actually, I’m always keen to learn about the Emirati culture through reading and visiting Al Ain tourist landmarks as I’m fond of heritage. I think that Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority plays an important role in providing exceptional services and motivating everyone to visit museums and archaeological sites, particularly at Al Ain and I always take my family who became fond of the Emirati heritage. My family and I love Al Ain very much”.


“Me and my family are extremely happy here and I will introduce them to the prevailing culture in Al Ain. Sometimes we visit the Green Mubazzarah, Jebel Hafit, Al Jahili Fort, and Al Ain Palace Museum. I believe that the vast desert here is also a distinctive landmark and I feel tremendous happiness living here to experience everything new”, he continued.


Winning trophies

Regarding his ambitions after extending his contract with Al Ain, he said, “Al Ain is title-based club throughout its history, and I believe that everyone relevant to Al Ain should play his role to win championships. We are required to create glory and write new chapters in Al Ain history, which achieved the runner-up position in the FIFA Club World Championship and it is the pioneering club in terms of championships and trophies both in Asia and UAE. Therefore, I believe that regardless the place we play in or the opponent we play against, we must achieve magnificent results as Al Ain is a prestigious club and we want to show our fans that we’ll do our best on the pitch”.

Dutch football

Regarding the coach Alfred Schreuder’s new technique, he said, “Yes, his technique is different, the Dutch school adopts the total football style. Coach Alfred Schreuder applies a distinguished approach and interacts with everyone respectfully. I’m extremely pleased with the style he adopted to help the team build the game through ball possession most of the time. This is a new and fantastic style for me, especially since results are the most important in football. I’m fully prepared to support my teammates whenever required, and I should do my best. The most important thing for me is to participate and play in the matches because that makes me extremely happy”.


Commenting on a question about his opinion on the current squad representing the team’s system, he said, “Actually, any player at Al Ain possesses the talent and the required qualities to defend Al Ain badge. However, results are the most important thing in football, and the current squad includes magnificent players, but I believe that our results gave us tremendous confidence, and in each match, we can show a better level with our true capabilities by through our confidence in achieving good results. I’m extremely happy with my teammate and the new players, and I’m also happy with the efforts we make”.


A Promise to our Fans

“I’d like to express my thanks to Al Ain fans, and I believe that each player wishes to receive the great affection that Ainawi fans give to them and it is certain that the fans feel wonderful affections for me as I said to you. As for the matches and the style we play, I’m ready to do my best on the pitch. I want to thank them for their great appreciation and trust in me. I promise to continue my efforts that I started over the past three years, and I will exert my maximum efforts alongside my teammates to achieve strong results in every match,” Erik concluded.