Rebrov: Al Ain Squad is Capable of Showing Strong Reaction


Congratulated Al Ain Loyal Fans for Qualifying for the Semifinal Match of the President’s Cup

El Mehdi’s Performance Progress and He Deserves the Man of the Match Award

“It is an important and well-deserved victory regardless of the stage we are playing in this precious competition,” Sergiy Rebrov opened the post-match press conference of the quarterfinal match against Shabab Al Ahli.

He pointed out that winning that match was critical in terms of time and against a storing team in an exciting and fiery clash match.

“The most important tonight is that we won and qualified for the next stage of the President’s Cup,” he said.

The head coach of the Boss squad congratulated the loyal Ainawi fans who were part of this victory for being behind the team and continuous cheering up.

Rebrov added: “We will celebrate tonight for winning the opponent and qualifying for the next stage. However, the most important now is to prepare for another match, not less important than today’s, against Al Wahda.”

Responding to a question on granting El Mehdi El Moubarik the Man of the Match Award, he said: “I believe that it is important that the player should improve from one match to another. In the last match, El Mehdi El Moubarik showed significant improvement and looking for more from him and his colleagues more and more. Therefore, he deserves this award, and I was directing him to pass the ball accurately, and he did well.”

Commenting on another question on his team’s performance after losing the Super Cup match, he said: “I am sure today that we are on the right track. I explained to the players following the end of our match against Al Sharjah that they exerted dedicated efforts and were the best despite not scoring any goals.”

“They react well in each other match,” Rebrov concluded.