Shoulder Tear Keeps Shaker Off Pitch 4 Weeks.. Dr. Najeeb Attallah: We Will Adopt Medical Treatment of Stem Cells Culture


Dr. Najeeb Atallah, Head of Orthopedic Department at the Health Point Hospital and member of the Medical Committee of Al Ain Football Club Company, confirmed in an exclusive statement to Al Ain TV on Saturday evening that Al Ain defender Mohammed Shaker underwent extensive medical examinations at Health Point Hospital in Abu Dhabi, under his direct supervision. The medical tests included conducting MRI for him, and reports revealed that the player suffers from a tear in the front and upper ligaments of his left shoulder.

He explained: “The shoulder ligaments consist of the front, upper and back ones and each of which has roles related to the movement of the shoulder.”

Dr. Attallah stated that the approved treatment plan would include treating the player with stem cells and protein injections, in addition to intensive physical therapy for about four weeks.

He signed off: “We hope that the player would return better and stronger after recovery and joining his teammates in their training sessions.”