Souso and Awadallah Gave The Boss Over Al Sharjah in U-21 League



Al Ain U-21 Team won the guests, Al Sharjah U-21 Team, by 2-1 in match week 10 of PLC U-21 League. The match was held at Khalifa bin Zayed Stadium on Sunday 13th November 2022.

The match referee sent Al Sharjah’s player Hamad Fahad off the pitch with a red card in his pocket at “79”.

The Boss squad took the lead in the first half by 1-0. Al Ain squad scored through Solomon Souso at “6” and Mohammed Awadallah at “77” from the penalty point. Al Sharjah scored thrie sole goal at 58” by Khalifa Smaij.

By this result, Al Ain Team’s points become 15 and placed in the 7th spot. Al Sharjah balance of points froze at 18 points and placed 2nd on the standing table.

The “Boss” Sqaud
Al Ain Team head coach selected the following players to start the match: Mohammad Bu Senda, Sampson Agyapong, Khaled Saleh, Ahmad Al Qutaish, Solomon Souso, Obada Al Hamayda, Manea Al Shamsi, Mansour Saeed Al Shamsi, Mohammad Awadallah, Adham Khaled and Danilo Odoud. The coach made the following substitutions: Youssef Abdo and Walid Khaled.

Al Sharjah Sqaud
Khaled Tawheed, Abdullah Al Hammadi, Hamad Fahd, Ali Al Hadidi, Mohammad Somaj, Maid Al Kass, Ali Taher, Khalifa Sambij, Abdul Rahman Murad, Youssef Al Nuwairi and Yao Mawoto

Match Officials
The match was run by Youssef Gharib Al Mansouri, “Match Referee”. He was assisted by, Hamad Al Ketbi, “First Assistant Referee” and Khaled Al Jasmi, “Second Assistant Referee”, Abdullah Obaid Al Rumaithi, “Fourth Official”, Saeed Al Yammahi, “Referees Assessor” and y Yasser Boumajid “Match Commissioner”.