Stressed he is Fully Ready for ES Sétif Match.. El Shahat: Proud and Honored to be “Ainawi”


Al Ain international player, Egypt’s Hussein El Shahat emphasized that his aspirations with Al Ain in the new coming season have no limits where numerous challenges are awaiting the Global Boss. “I expect the competition this new season to be stronger for several reasons. First, I believe that teams whose fate is to play against the Boss, they play the match as if it is a final match or championship by itself and not a mere football game,” said El Shahat. He added: “second, we should not forget that those teams experience a new and different confrontation against the champion of the historic double titles and the representative of the UAE and Gulf clubs at the Club World Cup Abu Dhabi 2018.” He stressed that the team play each new season with greater ambitions, “Our main goal is to achieve great and stunning results that make all our loyal fans happier,” said he.

El Shahat went on to say: “Football matches are always associated with pressure. This fact indeed inspires us with greater motivations to achieve the best results consistent with the name and reputation of the club through being fully concentrating during matches and showing the challenging and fighting spirit, especially that Al Ain is scheduled to play in many different competitions. Accordingly, I have a great ambition to clinch more titles than we achieved last season.”

In response to a question on his level of readiness to his team’s first official match this new season against ES Sétif, he said: “Actually, the one who decide to have me onboard is the Head Coach. Also, I enrolled an intensive training programs in Al Ain prior joining the team’s away camp. However, the most important thing is to achieve the required positive result in the first and second leg matches.”

Commenting on a question on the news tackling the issue of his transfer back to Egypt’s football league, he said: “Honestly, all my feelings, focus and emotions as a professional football player are directed only to achieving the goals of my club, Al Ain. I have another obligation with different dimension which is I consider myself one of the players who has to represent the Egyptian football in an honorable manner. In this regard, I wish myself and all players all the best and to be able to fulfill their ambitions.”

“I need everyone to know that my relationship with Al Ain is not just a football player defending the logo of his team. I consider myself along with all my teammates a one family in a top-notch professional sport entity that moves forward as per strategic and well-defined plans,” added El Shahat. He underscored: “All members of this lofty entity enjoy the feelings of honor and pride as they consider it as their home. Indeed, on the personal level I celebrated with the team clinching the double historic titles which are the first in my career and the most important milestone in all my life.”

Responding to the question n his feelings with the recent news on holding the Arabian Gulf Super Cup in Cairo, he happily said: “I cannot describe my joy when I heard the news on holding the match in Cairo and specifically in Al Salam Stadium. This stadium is few minutes away form my home and I have lots of great personal memories.”

On the secret of his interaction with the social media platforms, he confirmed: “Personally, I adopt the policy of “good faith” when interacting with my followers on all social media. I consider all my followers on my official accounts are real friends ad genuine supporters for me and my team. At any rate, some of them sometimes appear otherwise but I always try to deal with them positively specially when such messages are addressed to me personally as criticism to improve my performance. I will never allow the negative messages to have any negative impact on me whatsoever.”

“I believe that pursuing the academic studies is an important issue for any professional player who should be a role model for a significant segment of the society besides his family,” said he in response to a question on his academic studies while playing for a club outside his country. He underscored the fact the he pursued his academic studies to be able to help my children in future in their academic journey.”

As for winning the Best Player Award- Public Vote in the last season, he stated: “That was a absolutely a big bargain. Such an award doubles my obligations toward the club and the fans this coming season. Of course, such an award motivates me to work hard and do my best in all the club’s challenges in different championships and be able to meet the expectations.”

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