Stressed that “Amoory” is Asia’s Top Star Player.. Zoran: The “Boss” is all set to show evidence of a better performance against Al Hilal than the former match of ACL2017


In the pre-match press conference dedicated for the match scheduled to be held between Al Ain and Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal of group stage of ACL 2018, Croatia’s Zoran Mamic, Head Coach of Al Ain First Football Team, expressed his pleasure to be back again to Riyadh to meet Al Hilal Saudi Club while emphasizing that such type of matches is looked at as one of the top fervent clashes in the current ACL 2018. Mamic underscored that his team is all set to exhibit a better performance in Tuesday’s match compared to the earlier quarterfinal match of ACL 2017 held between the two teams.

“Logically, it difficult to predict the final result of football matches prior the end whistle. Therefore, the team looking forward to achieve the strong positive result must do their best in the pitch,” added he. He pointed out: “We do respect the aspirations of Al Hilal team who has quality player and a great coach and really we all hope that fans will enjoy watching a good and strong match.”

Commenting on a question on the impact of the absence of the team’s captain “Amoory” during Tuesday’s match against Al Hilal, he said: “Unquestionably, Amoory is a very important player in the team and he is the best and most outstanding player in Asia, but he did not arrive at the required level of fitness to play this coming match. So, I decided to keep him safe and to take things slow by not involving him in the match against Al Hilal. Of course, we will assign the right replacement and surely will play a collective football.”

Highlighting the importance of Al Ain and Al Hilal match, he replied to a question on whether his team’s major focus in the coming stage will be limited to Al Hilal match or Al Wahda in the second leg of AGL, he said: “It is not logical to talk about a game that comes in the level of importance after Al Hilal match. Indeed, our focus is on ACL 2018.”

“I believe that Al Hilal is a good team and deserves all respect. It is a fact that we lost our earlier match against them in Riyadh after we missed the focus factor. However, we have taken all the arrangements required to win Tuesday’s confrontation and fly back home with the three points in hand,” said he in response to a question on his assessment of Al Hilal specially that he knows the opponent team well since the two teams had a conformation early this season.

He signed off by answering a question on his opinion in the fact that Al Hilal fans have already bought all the match tickets: “Definitely, Al Ain prefers to play with the presence of huge masses of fans and I believe that the two teams are big ones and able to exhibit the best level of performance, especially with the presence of teeming crowds.”