The Boss Launches Extraordinary Initiatives for Loyal Fans

Community, Press

Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club has launched a range of extraordinary initiatives and services for the loyal fans before the beginning of the 2017-2018 season.

The Garden City Club launched its updated official website, the platform where the club news items are published and the official social media and YouTube channels are linked.

The Boss also launched a set of service initiatives for their affiliates in the new season, including a program to develop the cadres of the team fans. The program will be run under the club experts who are specialized in the fields of the sports management, artwork, media, investment, project management and facility management.

It was also announced that a technical service project will be launched in accordance with the vision of our wise leadership and the best practices in the world of modern technology and information technology.

The project is meant to automate, using the Microsoft Dynamics system, most of the business and administrative activities related to the club with the aim of facilitating such activities to the club fans and affiliates.

It will also contribute to applying the governance concept related to the management of the club operations and activities “football, sports games and investment”.

On the “Ainawy teamwork” initiative, Head of the Ain Fans Affairs Office Ahmed Al Ka’abi said, “The initiative consists of five stages; the announcement, receiving applications, qualifying applicants in cooperation with educational institutions in the country, promoting their experience and joining the teamwork.”

“The application will be online on the club website,” said he. Also, he pointed out that an email address is assigned for the program and applicants can fill the program application in the office.
Al Ka’abi noted that the Club Management was keen on supporting the initiative by getting services of local and international institutions to train and qualify the applicants and provide them with intensive training courses inside and outside the country.

Al Ain FC Media Coordinator, Faisal Ali, provided a detailed explanation of the media office services for fans and journalists.

He shed the light on the club official website that was launched on August 21 pointing out that the website is enjoys numerous advantages serving the club, the affiliate companies and fans.