The Boss Squad Needs the Fans’ Support.. Pedro: The Return of the International Players Boosts the Team’s Strength


Portuguese Head Coach Pedro Emmanuel stated that the most important thing for the team is to have the international players back to the team. He stressed that this would allow him to select the best players for the starting lineup to play the league’s first match.

He added: “We desire to have all the players on board, especially those who joined the UAE Football National Team. However, as you know, some of them returned to the team injured, and some of them are not in form while some are all set to play. Tomorrow we will make the final decision in terms of the final lineup.”

“I believe that all the players might be ready for our next match, and the reason why is that the Khorfakkan Team showed to everybody that the beginning of the new season would be so strong. This team is well organized, and this means that the Al Ain players should exhibit their high level of performance and do their best to clinch the three points of the match,” Pedro said.

Pedro hailed the Khorfakkan team and described them as a well-organized team, and they proved that last week. “The players are skillful in set pieces and turn to a strong team when they win the ball. Additionally, they have good players in counter-attacks.”

Al Ain coach highlighted the formula to be adopted to ensure winning the guests, saying, “we have to be patient and be organized when we have the ball. Also, we have to be highly focused on scoring goals, keeping our sheet clean, and, most importantly, not committing mistakes. We are at the beginning of the season and suffered from a long period of not playing football. This led not to play in any competitions and add to that we are missing certain key players, but we have to prepare well for the upcoming match by the end of the day.”

Pedro addressed a message to the fans where he stressed that the team deserves their trust. He went on to say: “We promise them to kick off the matches of the league with a high level of concertation. I know that we are not fully ready by 100% as we used to be in the past, but we would save no effort to boost the level of concentration and enthusiasm to achieve a good result.”

He stressed that the team needs the fans next to them even if they are not available in the stadium.

He signed off: “We are in deep need of their support to return stronger this season.”