The Stars of the Boss and the Greens.. So Pleased with the Partnership, and We All Set to Play the Two “Peace Matches” in Al Ain and Haifa


The Captain of the Al Ain Team, Ismail Ahmed, affirmed that football is no longer just a sports game. “In based on the realities that we experience as players, football is associated with the way we express our genuine feelings, loyalty, and belonging. It also establishes the principle of peace and denying racism.”

Ismael went on to say: “I believe that the match’s title stated in the MoU expresses the value of the important occasion. Indeed, we are proud as Al Ain Club players at this stage to be a witness of this historic moment. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this important partnership, which is consistent with the approach and direction of our beloved homeland.”

Nita Lavi, Captain of the Maccabi Haifa Football Team, said that it is a great honor for the Maccabi Haifa Club players to play the upcoming peace match. “We are proud to share this historic moment for us and our country. We so eager to fly to the UAE and meet our brothers there.”

Al Ain international goalkeeper Khalid Eisa said that the title of the match bearing the name “Peace” means a lot to the players.

“I believe that there is a vision behind holding this match, and, as football players, we must be aware of the volume of the responsibility entrusted to us. We are held liable to convey the message to everyone without exception that UAE is a country of tolerance, love, and peace and always strives for good,” the star goalkeeper said

Khalid Eisa concluded his statement by ensuring that they would pay the peace match to deliver the message to the whole Arab world and hopes that peace will prevail throughout the world.

The midfielder of Maccabi Haifa, Mohammed Abu Fani, commented: “We are so excited and thrilled to be in Al Ain City to play the historical Peace Match, which carries several important messages to the whole world. We are highly proud and honored to visit the UAE, a peace, love, and tolerance country. We hope to meet everyone there while they enjoy the best of health.”

The left-back of the Maccabi Haifa Team, Talib Tawaha, expressed his great pleasure for experiencing such a critical historical moment and participating in the peace match.

He also stated: “I believe that any football player in the world will be so proud to be part of such an important event that establishes the concepts of building bridges of communication and coexistence between nations. I am so proud and honored to visit Al Ain City and the UAE, the land of peace.”