In Arabic and Hebrew.. Exclusive Coverage by Al Ain TV Channel of the Historical Event Broadcasted by International Channels


The historical event broadcasted exclusively on Al Ain TV Channel in Arabic and Hebrew received remarkable attention from the international media means.

Israel’s official channels and Al Ain TV Channel reached an agreement to share the exclusive rights for joint broadcasting of the outstanding event through several Hebrew channels in Haifa.

Israel’s broadcaster and the famous star, Luna Mansour, was the broadcaster of the event from Maccabi Haifa Stadium in Israel, while Thamer Al Sayyah, Al Ain TV Channel broadcaster, joined her from Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in covering the events taking place in the City Garden. The joint broadcasting was under the theme of “From Al Ain to Haifa”.

The media task force covering the full event details included editor Khalid Mustafa, film-editing Hamza Warraq, and producer Ismael Shalabi, Israel’s Uzi Pritz. The program was prepared under Rashid Abdullah’s supervision, the Executive Director of Al Ain Club Investment Company.

The exclusive coverage of signing the historical MoU included two separate reports on Al Ain and Haifa’s cities, in which the two clubs hold their names and represent the two cities locally and internationally.

The program also included speeches addressed by the two clubs’ official spokesmen, interviews with the stars of both teams, and the moments of signing the MoU.