There is No Single Team Could Exert Any Pressures on Al Ain.. Zoran: Teams Desire to Win the Title Should Redouble their Efforts to Catch Up With the “Boss”


“There is no single team that could have any pressures over my team, and those desire to catch up with the “Boss” should at least redouble their efforts. Above all, any team plans to be the champ of the Arabian Gulf League must achieve positive strong results against competing and noncompeting teams to snatch the leading position of the league. However, Al Ain enjoys the required experience to handle all circumstances!” by these statements Zoran Mamic commenced the post-match press conference dedicated for matchweek 15 of the Arabian Gulf League between Al Ain and Ajman.

He added: “My team did well and played a good match where the players showed the required level of seriousness and were able to deservedly win the visitors, Ajman.” He also said: “We did play 88 minutes as per the required level but we did not do so in other 2 minutes out of the total 90 minutes of the match when players indeed committed intolerable mistakes. I have already instructed players not to give the opponent any chance to score; the matter that dictates to double their efforts in the coming stage and we have to deal with mistakes that might cost us a lot in certain matches.” He concluded his introductory speech to the media by saying: “I cannot only talk about mistakes as in general the team deserves commendation for an earned victory and for a job well done.”

Commenting on a question on the key genuine gain he earned out of his team’s match against Ajman, he stated: “It is difficult to high spot only one gain! Actually, they were a lot, such as good organization, tactical discipline and compacted lines are some of the positive gains we achieved this evening.” He commended some of the team’s stars drawing attention to their significant efforts by saying: “I have to praise the team’s midfielders “Barman, Mohammed Abdul Rahman and Rayan Yaslam” who were successful in linking the back and front lines in the finest manner.”

“As any other coach, I prefer the style of playing of one to two touches, as well as the collective football playing. If we move ahead with the same level of performance, I guarantee you that we will simply achieve similar results,” added he. He specifically commended Ahmad Barman: “I also would like to personally thank Ahmad Barman for his stunning performance this evening as it was not planned to involve him in the starting lineup following the shoulder injury he suffered from in the past match against Malkiya. However, he was insistent to participate and he really did well in this match.”

As for the conditions of the injured players, he stated: “Hussein El Shahat suffered from a bruise as a result of bumping into Ajman’s goalkeeper and hope his injury will be a minor one. Bander Al Ahbabi suffers from a minor injury also and I am expecting him to join the team in the coming training sessions. As for Amoory, he is ready to go and already joined the team in the training sessions, but we still waiting for the final decision of the Appeal Committee scheduled to be held tomorrow to rule on the recent disciplinary action issued against him.”

Replying to a question on his feeling as a coach of a team full of quality players, he said: “Absolutely, I am happy with the team I have. I believe that players are showing strong levels of performance and they do enjoy the professionalism mentality that certainly will push them to achieve the best results. As it was noticed this evening, they were not satisfied by scoring 4 goals in the first half and went on fighting to add more goals in the second half.” He signed off: “Personally, I prefer to deal with players enjoying such a great mentality.”