We Cannot Afford to Give Up Laba Kodjo.. Pedro: The Boss is All Set for Al Nasr Clash Match and Back to Al Ain with Three Points in Hands


Portuguese Pedro Emmanuel, head coach of Al Ain First Football Team, stated that his team’s preparations for the upcoming clash match are always special ones as they are intense matches throughout the history.

In the media conference held today, he stated that this is why the team has to work hard to play strongly and be ready to snatch the match’s three points, which is the most important thing.

He added: “We all know what we are meant to do at present. We only think about winning the match’s three points. We have to be more focused and well-organized. We have to be together in the coming days.”

Pedro hailed Al Nasr Team as he described them as “a strong team with quality players, especially in the front line. Notably, the team’s lineup has not changed during the past nine rounds, and this justifies why they have skilled players and strong strikers.”

However, he insisted that the Boss squad is ready to handle such a situation and players are well-prepared for the coming match.

“They are doing their job well and show that they are qualified to win the title of the league. Had they missed any key players, the team would have faced hard times. This might happen because we are experiencing such a situation, and it is an important point. At any rate, Al Nasr is showing that they are a strong team,” Pedro responded to a question if Al Nasr is one of the candidates to win the title.

Commenting on the second question regarding Laba Kodjo and whether he would allow him to transfer to another club, he said: “Of course, no! I believe addressing such a question at this time of the season is inappropriate. Indeed, I have nothing to say at present, but I have to point out that we missed many players in several matches. This harmed the team. It is not all about Laba only; we also have Caio Canedo and Islam Khan. Sometimes, we play without Bandar Al Ahbabi and Mohammed Abdul Rahman, who has been injured recently. Additionally, We are missing Jamal Marouf, hope it will not take him all the season to recover. This is why we have problems in our front line, and we are doing our best to find solutions.”

As for the players expected not to play in the upcoming match, he stated: “Each week, we have several injured players, and some of them need much time to recover, such as Kamal Marouf, Ismael Ahmad and Mohammed Ahmad who did not play with the team since three months. We have no control over such situations, but also, everyone knows that we are missing Islam Khan for being suspended. We have several absentees simultaneously for different reasons, and it is always an issue for any team, and we are not an exception. I hope that Caio Canedo and the other players could make it and rejoin the team soon.”

He said that each week the team misses six to seven players, which is a heavy burden on the coaching team. However, he highlighted that they are trying their best to speed their recovery and give them the chance to join the team if they are fit and in good shape. He confirmed that certain players are back into form and ready to play.

He concluded his statement by stating that his dream to see all the squad’s players available and all set to play together one match only.